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Have you had a fab day? I’m a little over excited as I can actually see daylight [hallelujah} as I’m about to leave the office! Bring on the summer I say. Does that thought though fill you with happiness or does it fill you with dread? I can bet my bottom dollar that lots of you lovelies will be tying the knot before the summers end. I’m not suggesting that it’s actually your wedding that you fear {well maybe, but that’s another post} but how is the wedding planning coming along? Everything under control… or are you feeling a little out of depth?

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Never fear! I have a gem of a guest post coming up on the blog from none other than
The Wedding Genie. This little lady actually organises weddings for a living so she really, really knows her stuff. Follow Julie’s helpful tips and advice and you’ll be gliding down the aisle without a care in the world!

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We Are Engaged! Help, What Do We Do Next?

Congratulations to everyone that is newly engaged! It really is the most fabulous feeling and you want to tell the whole world. My advice is to do just that!! Take some time to enjoy being engaged before you throw yourself into wedding planning. Once you start it can get pretty full on and having a few weeks to bask in the enjoyment with nothing to do is just lovely.

Planning a wedding is a great achievement especially when your guests come up to you and tell you how much fun they had and what an amazing day it was. It will end up this way if you spend some time thinking it through before you start to get bogged down in all the practical side of planning.

Here are my top tips. Do this right at the start. You will have a clear plan of what you both want. What’s even better you will be able to apportion your budget to the most important things you both want.

Set your priorities. This is key to successful wedding planning. Talk about what you want from your wedding day. Your views may be different and now is an excellent time to listen to each other to end up with a day that is truly perfect for you both. Make a list of three to five major things that each of you want for your wedding day. Now is the time to start the foundation for married life. Communicating and listening to each. Write these down and carry them with you to help you focus on what is important once you start to spend more than you should.

Do the fundamental things first. Set the Date, and the Budget! Discuss who is going to pay for the wedding and how. Decide how much you want to spend and then apportion the budget according to your PRIORITIES. That way you will be sure you spend your money on what you really want. Remember it’s your budget and you can spend it how you like.

Take out wedding insurance. Weddings are very expensive and it is a good idea to insure against situations like, disaster with photography or illness. Always read the small print on what is actually covered before you buy.

Decide on your guest list and choose the venue. The biggest cost undoubtedly is the reception and guest list. Choose wisely 45 – 50% of your budget gets taken up here. If you would like help with your budgeting click here. You may find the Wedding Genie Wizard useful too to track and control your budget.

Decide on a church or civil service. Book a date at the church or with the registrar. (Don’t book your venue until you are sure the officiant is available.)

Book a photographer, the good ones get booked early. Photographs are so important, apart from memories these are the story of your day. They are also one of the top three things in your budget, the other being the dress and the venue and reception.

Sweat the small details later, that way you will have plenty of time to spend on the more fun aspects of wedding planning.

Bite sized chunks is the way to attack wedding planning. Put three or four things that you need to do on a list. Keeping your list short and updated will focus your attention. File all paperwork together.

Surviving wedding planning. Weddings can become all consuming. Take time out with your fiancé. Plan one evening a week where you spend time together and don’t mention the “W” word.

Stay organised. Being organized is key to wedding planning. Keep all paperwork in one place. Note all suppliers contact details and keep them to hand. Note all suppliers contact details. Be disciplined right from the start. It will pay off as you accumulate more suppliers. Having them to hand will reduce the stress when you need to contact them. I have had brides have so much going on that they could not remember who they booked!

Follow these steps and you will be well on your way to planning your perfect day. If you want to be in the know why not come to one of my Bridal Workshops and spend some time with me. Go home confident, inspired and organised with all the tools you need to plan and keep on track.

Until next time, happy planning.

Lots of Love

The Wedding Genie X X

I really hope you’ve found these wedding planning tips helpful, do let me know. See you tomorrow.

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