Giant Paper Flower Bouquet | Wedding Ideas

Giant Paper Flower Bouquet | Wedding IdeasHappy Saturday my loves! Now, I know you’re always looking for pretty and quirky ideas to style your wedding day right?! Well I have the perfect little share for you today on the WTW blog! It’s gonna get your head spinning and those creative wedding juices flowing.

So what amazing wedding idea am I babbling on about? Giant paper flowers or over-sized pretty paper blooms, that’s what. Ahhhh absolutely flippin’ gorgeous. I particularly love them as an alternative wedding bouquet.

Take a look. Giant Paper Flower Bouquet | Wedding Ideas

image credit: sarah parks events, photography by emme wynn

This over-sized pale pink poppy bouquet is rather delicious too! Giant Paper Flower Bouquet | Wedding Ideas

image credit: giant paper poppy, photographyy by Ali DeGraff Photography

And if you’re looking for a bit of kapow impact. This giant, fusia pink rose has it in spades. Giant Paper Flower Bouquet | Wedding Ideas

image credit: large paper rose, photography by studio castillero

Not only do these giant paper flower bouquets make cute and alternative wedding bouquets, they’re also great props for your creative wedding shoot or engagement shoot too. So whether you want to purchase these paper flowers or have a go at DIY’ing your own paper bouquet, it’s sure to make you stand out from the wedding crowd.

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  • La Jolla Wedding

    Sure is different!

  • Flowerist

    Amazing flowers, one flower bouquet, i love it.

  • Shilstone House

    This is such a brilliant idea! Very unique and special. I don’t think any bride has used this idea yet here at Shilstone House.

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