Joyous Modern African Wedding in Hamburg: Melissa & Michael


OMG! Literally the sweetest couple ever alert!! Melissa & Michael had an absolutely huge 700+ vibrant, at times chaotic, occasionally somber and totally joyous, modern African wedding in Hamburg – This is what weddings should be all about – I just love the energy.

Thank you to the super sweet Michael who submitted his and Melissa’s wedding video to me, referring to Melissa as his beautiful best friend. Awwwww *wipes away tears*.

Enjoy their gorgeous couple shoot and then watch their emotional wedding video.

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The wedding was all that we could have asked for. The day was filled with love, laughter and tears and was so amazing to celebrate our great union with so many friends and family. Melissa is such a kind and caring individual who is selfless and so loving. I am so excited to start life with my best friend and truly look forward to what the future holds – Michael.

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The day was simply breathtaking and I could not have wished for a better wedding. Looking back at the pictures and video simply brings back all the emotions I felt on the day. Mike is such a fun and loving person to be around and I would not change the way he makes me feel for the world – Melissa.

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Here are some words from Michael & Melissa’s videographer and photographer’s – Kreativ.

When Melissa & Michael emailed us with a picture last year, we immediately fell in love with the beautiful couple. An African wedding in Hamburg – we were excited!

Usually we love small, intimate weddings with lots of love for details and decoration; a celebration with the closest friends & family. However Melissa & Michael’s wedding was completely the opposite, but without a doubt was also incredible! 700 guests from all over the world traveled to Germany for this wedding!

On that day, we all had moments that surprised us, gave us goosebumps, and made us shed tears from emotion or laughter. Some moments where chaotic and joyful like when Michael and his groomsmen were dressing each other and dancing through the hotel room as they got ready.

Other moments were somber and heart-warming, such as the beautiful and nervous Melissa getting her makeup done, or the touching prayer her father recited while donning the veil.

And then there was the actual ceremony and reception! The MANY colorfully dressed people from the church congregation, the dancing entrance of the parents, groom, groomsmen and bridesmaids, the personal speeches of the 7 ministers, all the touching speeches from family and friends, and last but not least the BIG surprise from Michael to his Melissa: A famous musician from Ghana, who really brought the party to life!

Melissa & Michael, thank you so much for allowing us to experience all this, It was amazing! Thanks to Samira & Valerie who were at our sides on this day, and I { Anne } would like to give a special thanks to Riccardo for making this super emotional movie, I really get giant goosebumps when I watch it!

Joyous Modern African Wedding in Hamburg Melissa & Michael_0012
Joyous Modern African Wedding in Hamburg Melissa & Michael_0001

I mean how cute are they, seriously?!! Never seen so much dancing at a wedding too. Love it!

Huge congrats to Michael and Melissa and thank you so much for sharing with us.

image & wedding film credits: kreativ wedding

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