A Fun Rock Music Wedding with a Travel Theme: Viviana & Claudio

Today’s real wedding was a fun, alternative rock music wedding with a travel theme. Viviana & Claudio had many fun elements to their wedding including hangover kits for wedding favours, bottle tops used for confetti, a wonderful wonky wedding cake and a fun rock metal after-party.

Party hard dudes!

Words by Claudio. Images by Andrea Calvano

We choose our wedding venue because of the beautiful scenery, the high quality food and because, after a moment of perplexity about our “vision” of our wedding party (rock music, after party, beer sommelier and all the preparations: they thought we were crazy), they trusted us and they let us do everything as we had in our mind.

Everything was perfect and after some days they called us to tell that it has been the best and craziest wedding party ever celebrated in their venue.

Viviana’s wedding dress was very provocative with transparent lace on both sides and backless.

We love violet but we also like minimalist things. So the flowers in the church and in the reception were: Violet Lisianthus, Violet Wanda, White Peonies. The bouquet was made with purple callas and violet tulips.

Viviana challenged me saying she was going to be “cooler” than me that day. So I decided to surprise everyone with an eye-catching wedding suit.

The theme of the wedding was the travel. The invitations were made like flight tickets. In all these years we traveled and we met many people and some of them became our great friends.

They came here from Portugal, England, Czech Republic, Serbia, Greece, Romania to share that day so important for us.

This wedding party has been also a gift to our friends. So all the things we did were done to give them emotions. We attached on the trees 300 pictures of all these 20 years spent with our family and friends. Every guest has at least one picture to remember the path (travel) we made together.

We love Monet, he accompanied us with his paintings during all our story. So I decide to make the proposal in Giverny, the french town where Monet lived and where he painted all the “nympheas” paintings and the famous “Japanese bridge”. And I said to myself: Ok! I give her the ring on the Japanese bridge.

I bought the ring…Today the rings boxes are veeeery big so I decided to buy a tiny cheap box to hide the ring in my pants pocket until the moment of the proposal. I was very anxious.

We arrive after one day in Paris to the Giverny gardens. Everything was beautiful and exactly as we have always seen in his paintings. I was checking every minute if the ring was still there in my pocket. We arrived on japanese bridge.

A lot of people was trying to take pictures but I wanted to start telling her some words from my heart…I take her hands and I started speaking…She was disturbed by all the people that were asking us to move from there because they want to take pictures! But I had to make my proposal!

So while I was saying how much I loved her, she was saying every 3 words that maybe it would have been better to move… So I decided to stop speaking and to give her the ring… I put my hand in the pocket and I take the box. My eyes were on her eyes while I opened the box. My eyes went to the the box, her eyes went to the box, but… the box was empty!!

In a moment we heard this sound:”Pliiin….Bluuuff!” The ring was in the pond!!! Viviana asked: “What was that??” And I said: “GUESS WHAT???” And she said: “You don’t want to dive, right?” And I: “I dive for sure!” I remove my shoes, I give Viviana all my stuff and I passed over the handrail.

In the meanwhile I was hearing all the people around me: ”What it was?”…”Engagement”…”uhh”…”ring”…”poor guy”,”fallen”, “water”… I clambered with my hands trying to see where the ring had fallen…The water was very opaque but suddenly like in the movies a sunbeam between the clouds made the ring sparkle!

So I dive into the water, I put my hand among mud and rotten leaves and I felt the ring under my fingers! I got out of the water and, completely wet, trying to clean the ring, between the relieved photo hunters, finally I get down on my knees and I ask the fateful question…:

”Will you marry me?”… You know the answer… ;)

We love belgian beers. We live 2 months in Gent in 2008 and from that moment our “drinkers life” changed. So we decided to make our own beer for the wedding with the help of DecimoPrimo, an italian brewery that made for us a 5,2% blonde beer with orange peels and pink pepper.

We called “Huwelijk Zot” that means “Crazy Wedding”. I’m (Claudio) a graphic and web designer so I created labels in belgian beer style with us two as icons and some funny text like “hoppily married” and “Brewed with a seventeen years old recipe” (we are together since 1998).

We made also coasters with the same graphics and on the rear a tag cloud with all the things we think everyone has to do in the life (Express yourself, Hug your friends, Show your feelings, Smile more…) and in the middle “Drink a good beer”.

The cake was very simple. Three completely white squared floors with just violet ribbons. But … they were deliberately misaligned ;)

What was your most memorable moment of the day / evening?

The wedding was completely crazy and all the people had fun drinking wine and Belgian beers (there was a different beer for every course – we love food and drink pairing), dancing, rock n roll music (we love metal music but maybe it would have been too much for the dinner :) ) and talk to each other.

So every moment was so special and unforgettable. It wasn’t the typical “Southern Italy style” wedding and I think it’s the first time in the whole Italian weddings history that guests are longing to see videos and photos from that day…

For us to have all our friends around us in a “space-time meeting” has been the best thing.

If you could impart any words of wisdom to future brides and grooms planning their wedding day, what would they be?

We made everything with attention to the smallest details until the last moment because we wanted everything to be perfect and because we love organising events and parties.

But when that day arrived we enjoyed it until sunrise! So one thing we can say: relax and live all the moments to the fullest!

What an epic proposal story – if you didn’t read it scroll back and read it now!!!

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wedding credits / photographer: andrea calvano fotografo

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