11 Ways in Which Delicately Pretty Botanicals are the New ‘Floral Crown’

Floral crowns have been one of my favourite wedding ‘trends’ in recent years. Big, beautiful bold flowers in an array of gorgeous colours. But move over sista’ there’s a new crown in town…

I’ve recently seen a move away from the big bold florals and I’m seeing more and more of the small stuff. Delicate, teeny tiny flowers that are woven into your bridal hair.

11 Ways in Which Delicately Pretty Botanicals are the New ‘Floral Crown’

So there we have it, super pretty and oh-so-delicate botanicals scattered through your hair!

I adore this look when woven into plaits, braids and buns – but my fave look is definitely hair worn loose and tiny blooms placed throughout. Baby’s breath will be a big thing, but I absolutely adore the tiny wax flowers and more unusual florals with pretty pops of colour.

What do you think? Are delicate botanicals the new flower crown? You decide.

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