Dark & Sparkly Halloween Wedding With Black Vera Wang Wedding Gown! Becca & Kyle

Today’s bonafide real Halloween wedding features a gorgeous couple who love everything about this ghoulish celebration!

With a dark and sparkly theme featuring skulls and pumpkins, Becca coordinated her day with a dramatic, black Vera Wang wedding dress…

Words by Becca. Images by Something Blue Design.

Throughout my entire life I have only ever worn black so naturally, I needed a black dress for my wedding. I think brides look gorgeous in white and I can truly appreciate the meaning and symbolism for others. However, for me personally a white dress is not me at all and I would never wear it just because people thought that I had to.

I am not really a traditional person and I wanted to stay true to myself. I love Vera Wang and I think that she is such an amazing designer. When I think about my dress I want to have a heart attack – I felt like the Queen of Halloween (MY FAVORITE DAY OF THE YEAR BY THE WAY) Thank you Vera – I  absolutely loved everything about my dress!!!!

I have seen some drop dead gorgeous veils, but once again it’s just not me. To be honest I could not get past the idea of someone “unveiling me,” but I did wear a harness!

My sister and her boyfriend did some work with JakiMac and they actually made me my Blair harness. It was so personal to me and I am so obsessed with it (I still wear it all the time)!

We did a first look before we got married and that was truly such a cool experience, I will never forget it.

Our wedding photographer Liz is absolutely amazing! She, Conrad and another photographer from her staff did such an AMAZING JOB! They truly are the best.

I am obsessed with Halloween, so it felt natural to be inspired by this for our wedding. It is my absolutely favorite day of the entire year. Every day of the year in my head is like halloween so I love when everyone else gets into it too! I just love dark colors, cold weather, gloomy skies, dim lights, skulls etc. When my husband Proposed it was October 24 2014… the next year Halloween was on a Saturday – it was meant to be!

When my husband Proposed it was October 24th 2014… the next year Halloween was on a Saturday – it was meant to be!

Richard Rivera and his Wife Debbie helped my husband and mom design the cake. They are just the most incredible people you will ever meet. Ambrosia is famous in Barrington as it is truly something magical.

Unfortunately, Rich recently passed away, but his memory and legacy will live on forever. He was truly an artist and a kind soul. I feel so fortunate and honored that he and his beloved wife Debbie made our cake.

If we could offer any words of advice, we would say… Be true to yourself, live in the moment and enjoy! A wedding is about love and being authentic. While all of the material details are nice and can make for a fun time, they are meaningless.

What matters is that you are marrying someone you love and that you are surrounded by people that truly love  and support you. I seriously would have been happy if our wedding was a parking lot dance party! Just have fun and live your life!

We danced to Loving Cup by the rolling stones. I actually hate slow dancing I am way more of a party dance kind of person, but we both loved that song.

I did try really hard to convince my husband to dance to STS9 When the Dust Settles with glow sticks and finger lights, but I was unsuccessful in my mission – hey you win some and you lose some right?

Massive congratulations to Becca & Kyle who are also celebrating their one year wedding anniversary today. Happy Happy Halloween.

wedding credits / photographer: something blue photography / wedding venue: chevy chase country club / brides dress: vera wang / harness: jakimac – blairgrooms suit: calvin klein / bridesmaid dresses: bhldn / bridesmaid shoes: their own / florist: twisted stem floral / wedding cake: discover ambrosia

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