Beba’s Closet: The 10th Anniversary Bridal Collection! #10thanniversarybebas

To mark the tenth anniversary of the firm, Beba’s Closet presents its most sober and thoughtful collection. A collection which is intended to become the culmination of the first decade and that sums up the identity of the firm, prepared with great patience and dedication over these ten years.

This time Belén has managed to combine in perfect harmony the most romantic, delicate and artisanal side, distinctive of her designs, with the most modern, bold and geometric touches that are also part of its essence.

As for the BRIDAL collection, Belén wanted to end these ten years by working on the two areas that define her bridal universe. On the one hand, she has re-released some of her most characteristic crepe dresses: fitted, with great weight and drapes that hug the body and enhance the silhouette.

Yet she doesn’t forget her lingerie line, present since her first bridal collection in 2009: pieces made of crepe satin and chiffon that float on infinite layers and acquire a light evocative movement.

As for the details, this collection summarises the obsessions of the firm: from antique lace covering backs to handmade embroidery on organza flowers, light, multi-layered tulle flounces, embroidered in art deco style rhinestones or black and white stripes and Chantilly lace that are a hint at the evening collection.

The EVENING collection is based on silhouettes of classic patterns that find their most innovative side when matched with the firm’s own elements.

Flounces, the hallmark of Beba’s from her first show, take on a major role in both delicate and vaporous versions, as well as more geometric and bolder versions.

The sides are drawn with lateral silk pieces inspired by tuxedos and allowing the models to be finished off with the characteristic lace covered wedding dress buttons.

The geometric cuts highlight shoulders, waists and even lengthen silhouettes by working on them at the center fronts.

And finally, also a hallmark of the company, the backs acquire total prominence when cut low, embroidered and worked on so that they become the central focus of the garment. Again Belén seeks a subtle look, looking without being seen, suggesting and dreaming before revealing.

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