The Most Beautiful Florals & Stunning Grace Loves Lace Bride!

Grace Loves Lace knocked it out of the park and back when they created the delightfully delicious french lace wedding gown that today’s real bride Heidi is wearing. I quite literally think this might be the prettiest gown I have ever ever seen!

When you can finally bring yourself to stop drooling over Heidi’s hella pretty wedding gown you’ll just have to check out the florals too – also crazy beautiful. And… I’m not forgetting the gorgeous groom Urs too in my wedding-lust fest – we love his cool, casual style…

Words by Heidi. Images by Nadia Meli.

From when I was little I always said to myself, that I am going to wear a dress on my wedding that will look very different to what everyone else is wearing. ha. I don’t know why, but I always felt like all wedding dresses looked the same. So from the first look at the Verdelle gown, I knew I had found the dress I dreamt of for so long. It was just perfect, very sweet, lacy (of course), elegant and slightly sexy.

I also wore a headpiece and veil by Jannie Baltzer from Copenhagen, which matched just perfectly and a pair of GLL shoes. I loved them!

Our talented florist, Fleuropean, grew all the wedding flowers in her own garden. We visited a few weeks before our wedding to watch them grow. It was amazing!

I walked down the aisle with my Father to the song “O” by Coldplay and we walked back out – funniest moment – to the ‘Heidi’ theme song. Everyone started laughing so hard, it was hilarious!

The vows we read to each other were probably the most special to me. We didn’t promise each other 1 million things or google the best poetic words, but much rather made it very personal, told each other what we loved about each other, how we feel about each other … It was pretty special. And emotional. Eek

To be honest, our wedding photographer Nadi Meli was so much more than just someone who takes pictures!  I feel like she was also our wedding planner and our biggest inspiration as well. Most of the things we booked, she gave us a hint towards. Nadia and her husband gave their very heart, not only to our wedding but also the preparations, they really helped us to make good decisions. On our wedding day, we felt like we had close friends taking pictures of us, and not just “our photographer”.

We loved our wedding venue as it was very alternative and unique, something we’d never seen before, it perfectly fitted to our overall theme and our wonderful florist took care of all the decoration.

Our proposal was the most amazing story. One cold Friday morning in January, my boss asked me to represent our company at a Pharmaceutical congress at a very nice hotel in the city. I was so excited about the opportunity that I messaged Urs right away to tell him that I am was on my way there. When I arrived at the hotel, HE was there waiting for me in the lobby. I didn’t have a clue that I was being set up! I thought that he just came to the hotel to surprise me with a quick kiss and walk me to the meeting room. But when we arrived at the meeting room, there was a big picture of the two of us on the front of the door – and of course, I started crying immediately cause I knew that something special was about to happen. From there on throughout the day he had planned out special surprised for me and the night ended with an engagement party with all our closest friends. It was perfect.

If I could impart any wisdom for brides and grooms planning their wedding day, I would say… When it comes to styling, in my opinion, less is often more. Big hairdo’s or too much jewellery can quickly look too much. Also, another thing, for the weeks before the wedding especially, make sure you have at least one night a week where you treat yourself like your own best friend. Get a massage, go to a spa, whatever is good for your soul and keeps you relaxed. Just so you can fully keep your mind clear to enjoy this special time in your life.

Finally, I’d just like to say. Marriage means to us… Doing life with your best friend, to encourage and cheerlead each other onto a higher purpose – individually and also for us as a growing, happy family. Together we want to live a life that is bigger than ourselves, take others on the journey and see theirs and our world become better and more beautiful.

Thanks so much Heidi & Urs for sharing your magnificently beautiful big day. I for one, love EVERYTHING about it! The unique wedding venue, the dress (ok I’ll be quiet now about the dress ;), and the colours of the wedding flowers… are just stunning!

wedding credits / photographer: nadia meli / wedding venue: bazzar coffee roasting manufacturer / brides dress: grace loves lace / brides headpiece: jannie baltzer / grooms suit: zara / brides shoes: gll /  hair & makeup: elke from derbraut salon / florist: fleuropean

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