The New ‘Cloud Nine’ Collection from Dreamers & Lovers: Boho Wedding Dresses!

Remember the cult boho label Dreamers & Lovers? If so, you may recall their lace bridal dresses that oozed laid-back, boho glamour? Today’s wedding dress inspiration is from their new ‘Cloud Nine’ collection and it lives up to the aforementioned hype… Let’s hear more from the designer behind the collection.

Love is a rich and multifaceted emotion, undoubtedly the foremost wonder of life.

It’s an emotion that I’ve always endeavoured to convey, in each and every one of my designs. Comfort, freedom, beauty, youthfulness: everyone of these is a facet of Love and a facet I’ve considered and hopefully expressed in the designs of Dreamers and Lovers simple, laid back wedding dresses.

The all new Cloud Nine collection is no different, only… this time I thought I’d add a little something extra. Being in Love is also about the element of seduction, intimacy and the confidence that comes along with that feeling of being on Cloud Nine. These are the facets I’ve allowed to really shine through in this collection.

Out of all our previous collections, I believe this one to be the most unapologetically seductive, with that little bit of extra attention paid to the female form, it’s graceful curves and subtleties, in all its glory.

You’ll still find that same attention to detail, the same top quality, lightweight and luxurious fabrics, the same consideration for comfort and the simplicity that has become synonymous with boho and Dreamers and Lovers… however, this time round, we’re letting you flaunt a touch more of that shape that makes you a boho goddess and, of course, that skin which your groom-to-be can’t seem to get his hands off!

We know that the spirit of boho, of the laid back bride, is the spirit of all strong, authentic, creative women throughout the ages and so it’s no surprise that I found my inspiration for Cloud Nine in an unforgettable fashion and music icon, one who seems to have found the secret of eternal youth: the unforgettable Cher.

It was an early picture of her at an award show, in a figure hugging paneled gown: she looked likes he felt that she owned the room. Outspoken, daring and exquisite… throughout her career, Cher conveyed timeless elegance in a way that was also, somehow, ahead of trend and always unquestionably her own.

We want our brides to be able to do the same. We want you to feel like you’re on Cloud Nine, it’s that simple.

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    Wow! Such a lovely wedding dress. Beautiful Photos!

  • Bride and Tonic

    These dresses are stunning and I love the detail and different designs – dreamy!

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