Enchanted in London! Greenery Inspired Bridal Editorial With Stained Gold & Soft Muted Hues

Today’s elegant, greenery inspired bridal editorial – Enchanted in London, has a soft muted hues colour palette, stained gold detailing and an unexpected autumn vibe, with hints of auburn! It is GORGEOUS.

Words by and images by Elina Sazonova.

This editorial was very much inspired by a personal story of a couple sharing their life and love between countries. We really wanted to make this shoot different and to tell a story of love full of romance and longing – contrasting feelings that are familiar to many who find themselves in distanced relationships.

Lolita lives in London where she met her fiancé, who travels often and spends a lot of time away. They always felt however that London drew them together and became a part of their story. For Lolita many hidden parts of the city induce nostalgia reminiscent of happy moments spent together.

When London turns auburn in late autumn the air is especially filled with a romantic expectation which we wanted to capture. Contrasting feelings of joy and expectation is what inspired us most. We wanted to create a setting that is a little enchanting, a little mysterious, but at the same time keep it realistic and relatable.

The contrast comes through between the location of church drowned in untamed greenery and the decorative elements in stained gold and soft muted hues. Stationery matches the location and the feel of the shoot with a hand drawing of a beautiful church and an excerpt from Pride and Prejudice.

Then the contrast extends further as the bride is wearing a light, ethereal dress which is complimented by her fiancé’s warm wool jacket. The flowers are natural, soft and full of character with earthy details that complimented the environment and feel of the shoot.

To complete the look, Lolita’s long hair was kept casual and loose with natural soft makeup.

Such an incredibly sweet little shoot! I’m loving the autumn influences and soft muted tones – so inspirational.

suppliers: photography: elina sazonova / décor hire & styling: wedhead / floristry: jessica simmonds / dress: bluebells / stationery: evseeva yulia

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