7 WOW Wedding Bouquet Ideas For Your 2017 Wedding!

7 WOW Wedding Bouquet Ideas For Your 2017 Wedding!

What better way to spend your Sunday evening than reading about beautiful wedding bouquets? If you’re undecided about which blooms or style to pick for your wedding bouquet, you’ve come to the right place. Get ready to swoon ladies, as these wedding bouquets are overflowing with elegance, romance and charm…

Classic White

I am incredibly fond of classic white flowers, and I think they can effortlessly create a beautiful wedding bouquet. White blooms fit in with any season or wedding theme, and you’re guaranteed elegance.

Romantic Blush

Team pretty pink peonies or roses with handfuls of evergreen for country garden charm. As a self-confessed fan of blush weddings, I think a pink wedding bouquet is the perfect option for those who want something floral, feminine and romantic.

Wild Flowers & Foliage

Are you looking for something a little more wild? Then opt for flowers and foliage that look as if they’ve been hand-picked from your very own garden. A combination of oversized fern leaves teamed with trailing ivy will look stunning, and they’ll add a fabulous finishing touch to your aisle style.

Fine Art Bouquets

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have fallen head over heels in love with fine art wedding bouquets. Whether you wrap a long velvet ribbon around the stems of your bouquet or opt for unusual shapes and colours, you can guarantee that a fine art wedding bouquet will look just beautiful.

Minimalist Chic

You may have spotted our recent post about Pantone’s Colour of the Year, and if not you can read it here. Greenery is inspiring lots of brides and florists when it comes to creating the ultimate chic wedding bouquet. Rather than using a variety of colourful posies, brides are opting for minimalist-inspired bouquets bursting with evergreen and foliage. This is a wonderful choice if you adore the ‘less is more’ approach.


I personally think that wedding bouquets look lovely graced with something personal. Whether it’s a small antique photo frame of a loved one or a silk ribbon, it can add an extra special touch to your flowers. If you’re planning a rustic or country barn wedding theme, you could tie the stems of your blooms with twine or hessian ribbon.

Oversized Bouquets

Oversized wedding bouquets are bound to stand out at your wedding day. Brides are opting for more elaborate and extravagant wedding flowers for 2017, and this is a trend we adore. We’re talking unstructured shapes that look wild and foraged  – is it any wonder the world of weddings has fallen for this style?

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