WIN!! Celestial Wanderer by Blair Nadeau: 2017 Bridal Adornments Collection

Oh my L O R D am I in love with these beautiful bridal adornments by Blair Nadeau! Celestial Wanderer is a collection of stunning headpieces, cuffs, back necklaces, vines, garters, chokers and modern tiaras, and well… it is as pretty as can be.

An eclectic range of bridal headpieces and accessories for 2017, from modern rose-gold headpieces to dreamy statement veils and even a few incredibly romantic, yet deliciously alternative black creations.

So how would you feel if I told you that you could win $100CAD towards your favourite piece from the collection? Very kindly, Blair has offered this exclusively for WTW readers. So first of all, get swooning. And then, get entering! Details below.

Celestial Wanderer, our 2017 bridal adornments collection, inspired by Eastern European culture of decades past and the celestial wonders of the sky. A modern-day love story of a star gazing lover on her plight to discover decadence and riches from yesterday and her path to her tomorrow.

Recently, a dear friend discovered her roots again after a pilgrimage of sorts to her home country of the Ukraine. She brought back spoils and riches from her culture, traditional dress and craft and it inspired us.

We saw the love in her eyes as she spoke of her history, the warmth in the textiles she held tight in her hands and the pride she had for a home she never truly knew until now. We saw in her smile, that there was a world of love out there dedicated to their craft, their textiles and their treasures and we wanted to embody that love for home in our 2017 collection.

We truly scoured the world to find these inspired riches and transform them into little works of art. Rich golds, blacken silvers and antiqued rose golds warm the palette. Dark rich ebony fit for royalty creates a sense of intrigue. The softest tulles from Scotland create cascading flowing veils edged with embroidery and corded lace from Latvia, shrouded in mystery.

Hair vines and combs dance with the prettiest handcrafted artisan flowers from the Ukraine. Delicate back necklaces lightly glisten with the softest rose gold chain from Turkey and sparkle with the prettiest Austrian Swarovski crystal set in the most perfect tear drop setting hand-plated in Israel and finally, the softest, most detailed laces from Japan create the prettiest garters we ever did see.

Upon designing this collection, we discovered ourselves. Our history, our past and our future. As we gaze off into the stars, it is our wish that each of our brides can also discover themselves in our adornments and look forward towards their own future with warmth, love and discovery.

Such a beautiful and unique collection right from Blair Nadeau Millinery?!

And she ships I N T E R N A T I O N A L L Y via etsy!

Ok, so how do you enter*? Please comment on this post and then pop on over and follow WTW on Instagram. Extra points for liking and commenting on the posts there too peeps. Good luck!

*comp ends on Friday,17th Feb 2017 at 12pm EST

*to enter, comment on this post and like WTW on instagram

*winner will be picked at random using a number generator

*winner will be informed within 24hrs of comp closing

*winner has 48 hours to confirm receipt of winning email

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  • Emma

    Beautiful!! Got my fingers firmly crossed x

  • Erin

    I love love love everything about these beautiful pieces. My sister is getting married in Greece this summer! Would absolutely love to give her one of these as a gift 💖🌸

  • Kim Styles

    Utterly Beautiful and some just beyond words! I would be so excited to win a piece for my summer wedding.

  • Loki

    Gorgeous,I love them!

  • Dawn Gosney

    I am buying a piece from Blair for my wedding this summer no matter what but would love to have the certificate to help a but :-) her work is so beautiful!!!

  • Angela dupuis

    I am so in love with this!!!

  • Brenna

    Every single piece is exquisite! Lovely :)

  • Andrea Hillen

    Beautiful! I would love!

  • Candice

    These are so stunning

  • Danae Georgiadou

    Beautifull and elegant pieces. My sister is getting married in April i’d love to surprise her with a piece from Blair Nadeau!!!

  • Lisbeth Louw

    This would fit perfect with my bohemian wedding that will take place in June in Sweden! It looks just like something out of my childhood fairytales, like mythical elves and trolls from the dark forests of the North! I love it!

  • Leticia Ash

    This is such a gorgeous collection! I love the use of rose gold and the romantic styling. <3

  • Chandrakala

    I like the hair accessories I don’t know who to get please help me

  • A Heale

    Stunning. Lovely art deco feel to some of these pieces that would go beautifully with my dress. Here’s hoping!

  • Ellen Nixon

    Finger crossed – So stylish and beautiful

  • Maria Romano

    everything is so unique

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