Wedding Dresses Fit for a Fairytale; the Liz Martinez Bridal 2017 Collection!

There’s often a misconception that as a wedding blogger we know everything about weddings. Now sure, after blogging about weddings for 5 years I sure do know a lot. But every now and again, I make a new discovery and I’m like, how the hell did I not know about this?

Today is one of those days, so if like me, you haven’t heard of Liz Martinez before… prepare to be absolutely dazzled with her insanely pretty 2017 bridal collection – Fit for a Fairytale.

Shot in Morocco by renowned fashion photographer Dudi Hasson, the Liz Martinez 2017 bridal collection dares to play with new cuts and untraditional colours.

The collection features unique hand-woven patterns and distinct layering of various types of fabric to create the exciting colour combinations in each individual gown.

The contrast between intricate, detail-filled, dreamy bridal gowns and the tanneries of Marrakech take us all on a unique journey through time and style.

Starting in London, UK, the collection will be making its way around the world in a series of trunk shows in 2017 which will be held in multiple locations across the USA, Europe, Australia and Latin America.

About the designer:

Liz Martinez (27) is a young, Israeli bridal gown designer. In a matter of just a few years that can be counted on a single hand, she has evolved from sewing her own designs in her small bedroom at her mother’s apartment outside of Tel Aviv, to becoming one of the hottest brands in the international bridal fashion scene.

While some may refer to her as the “Cinderella” of the tidal wave of Israeli designers hitting the world’s ever-sizzling bridal fashion market, Liz sees her success as a “do or die” situation and encourages all young girls to make their dreams a reality and become the woman they know they can be.

Her youthful passion and creative spirit along with her sense of elegance and glamour are the leitmotifs in all her collections.

The use of unexpected materials, unconventional cuts, strict attention to details and ability to flow with current trends, have placed Liz Martinez as one of the most significant, fresh, and innovative designers to come out of Israel.

For Liz Martinez, every design is the quintessential expression of a woman’s inner beauty and seductive nature.

Each dress is a reminder of how a little girl’s dream can become a reality; for a bride it could mean her wedding day, for Liz it is a flourishing successful fashion house.

So are you now in love with Liz Martinez wedding dresses? Of course, you are… take a look at this real wedding featuring a gorgeous Liz Martinez bride.

Off The Shoulder Lace Wedding Dress & Alternative Decaying Chapel Venue Wedding: Ella & Daniel

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  • Linda

    every wedding dress is stunning.

  • Sophie

    I am obsessed with Liz Martinez after seeing her dresses all over Instagram but not sure how to get my hands on one!!!

  • Sara

    Hi sonia! Im from Argentina and i want to know approximately how much are the dresses?

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