Crimson Letters: Contemporary Wedding Stationery with a Creative Twist

Brides and grooms looking for luxury, hand-made wedding stationery featuring unique, hand-painted designs and gorgeous watercolour calligraphy need to check out today’s featured supplier…

Boasting luxurious and expert craftsmanship, Crimson Letters provide hand-painted stationery and wedding invitations tailored specifically to you. Indulging in lavish designs, rich colours and rustic designs, Crimson Letters entwine your ideas with designer Rubana’s own creative eye, to meet the theme required on your special day.

Crimson Letters believe first impressions always start with your wedding invitations. They are passionate about indulging each of your guests with a unique hand-crafted invitation that effortlessly reflects your visionary ideas and characteristics of your special day.

Recently launched the founder Rubana believed in merging traditional ideas with contemporary styles. With a degree in Textile Design and specialising in embroidery design, Rubana started her career with just a sewing machine and paintbrush. However, after starting a family and becoming a teacher in a primary school, Rubana still desired to follow her passion and ultimate dream.

With a strong sentiment for the wedding industry and illustration, Rubana had a vision of high couture and vintage character. Rubana’s visionary ideas were infused by the culture of her travels across the globe.

Rubana feels most alive when she’s creating a beautiful design concept for her clients’ wedding stationery. Inspired by her love of travelling, meeting new people and interacting with different cultures, Rubana is exhilarated and humbled by the beauty of the world. Bringing those ideas back to her design studio, each piece is fuelled from the cultures across the world.

“I never know what’s going to come out on paper, sometimes it looks very different in my head and comes out beautifully on paper, or I end up going in a completely different creative direction, but as I keep working at it and just letting the creativity flow something amazing unfolds.”

Creating a signature style, Rubana develops her designs using a suede paint effect on the background. Experimenting with bold colours and opulent designs, Crimson Letters focuses on working with multiple tones to create a perfect style.

Entwining a pastel palette with a floral design, Crimson Letters completed their Yellow Flower Suite Package using torn paper, gold calligraphy and watercolour & acrylic paint. Adding high quality textured card from Paris and fine papers from GfSmith London, the Yellow Flower Suite Package is a perfect finish for those looking for a blossoming touch.

“Crimson Letters ensures your special moment is one to remember by fusing together traditional styles with a contemporary twist. Providing you with a signature, hand-crafted design, Crimson Letters creates stationary that you and your guests can enjoy.”

Such unique and creative wedding stationery! Are you a fan of this luxe stationery brand? Head on over to Crimson Letters to check out even more of their gorgeous stationery suites.

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