Glam & Pretty: Handcrafted Artisan Wedding Cards & Stationery by Polina Perri Design Studio

The story of Polina Perri design studio started in 2009, when Julia Perri, the award-winning graphic designer, who worked with blue-chip companies for about 15 years, was asked by her friends to create invitations for their wedding.

Julia was so excited to work with brides that she came up with the idea to organise a wedding stationery design studio. With the assistance of her husband, daughter Polina (in whose honour the brand was named after), family and colleagues, Julia creates new striking designs for couples.

The clientele of the studio is the most diverse – from celebrities to ordinary young couples on a budget – and we are always glad of every new customer! Orders are sent out to different parts of the world, not only within the United Kingdom – we have many clients from America, Australia and Europe.

The main direction of our work is handcrafted artisan invitations – pretty glamorous, with ribbons, brooches, accompanied with boxes and coordinating stationery.

We’re always looking for designs that will be popular among people. If a customer wants the wow factor, we make sure that cards will emphasise the style of the wedding, because it’s such a joyful and bright event!

We believe that each invitation is a messenger of happiness which can transfer positive emotions that couples want to share with their guests. Besides, the invitation should be understandable in its design to people of different ages – it should appeal to both young people and the elderly since as a rule, they are the most honourable guests at the wedding.

We use the best sorts of Italian cardstock, brooches with Swarovski crystals, branded envelopes and handmade papers in the manufacture of our products. Modern printing techniques – foil stamping, laser die-cutting and digital printing – delicately highlight all the virtues of our designs.

Positive feedback, obtained from our customers, help to build special relations based on confidence and trust, therefore, cases where we supplied cards to several members of one big family – a wedding by a wedding – are not uncommon.

We are fond of our work and our customers because each order is a gentle and touching love-story, which can be conveyed by means of our wedding stationery.

To see even more of the luxury Polina Perri wedding stationery collection, pop on over to their website now!

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