How to incorporate a family tradition or cultural elements into your wedding flowers

How to incorporate a family tradition or cultural elements to your wedding flowers

Written by Sarah from Hiding in the City Flowers.

I absolutely love it when a bride comes to her first florist appointment and is armed with memories of a particular flower that she’s like us to use for her wedding day.

Weddings are all about creating an event to truly show your personality and style and these little anecdotes and touches are so much more meaningful than just simply following the latest trends, both can be combined to create amazing details.

It also means you will never fall out of love with your chosen wedding flowers because they hold a particular place in your heart.

If you want to make things more personal and love the idea of choosing wedding flowers with a special meaning but you’re not quite sure what to pick then think about your childhood, think about favourite scents.

Did your Granny have a plant that she loved? Did your parents cook with certain herbs? Is there a tree that reminds you of home? Are their flowers that remind you of holidays together? Any of these elements could make up an aspect of your bridal bouquet so you take these memories with you as you walk down the aisle.

Even if you don’t envision this flower being the main focus of your bridal bouquet, it could make a perfect secondary flower or it could be beautifully placed in your wedding reception flowers or buttonholes.

Weddings are about celebrating two people from two families uniting to create a new family. Hiding in the City Flowers get involved with lots of multicultural celebrations where tradition and heritage play a big role in both families, so for me, it’s about trying to incorporate both. 

We recently were part of an amazing couples day at One Belgravia London where the bride was Russian and the Groom was British. They had a traditional service coupled with a Russian bread breaking ceremony, both held under one venue, but with 2 areas to dress.

I think we’ve all been to weddings where the designs tick all the boxes, but for some reason just don’t feel ‘wow’ and I think that sometimes couples lose their identity during the planning process. For me, it’s all about the personal touches and details that make the day not how much money is spent.

At Hiding in the City Flowers we love getting to know our wedding couples so share those little stories and reasons behind why you love a certain flower. Any florist will be happy to bring in some of your cultural heritage or family traditions to life, it’s what makes each and every wedding a unique experience.
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