A Sweet & Colourful Rainbow Tinted Marriage Proposal: Pietro & Monica

It’s that wonderful time of year where I’m welcoming lots of newly engaged brides and grooms to the blog. So first of all CONGRATULATIONS – so, so happy for you! And secondly, take your time. Languish in this blissful time. Enjoy your first few weeks of engagement bliss, and then, let the wedding planning commence!

Here at WTW we have a huge back-catalogue of beautiful wedding inspiration for you to get stuck into, and if it’s advice you need, hold tight we have heaps of articles on the way to help you navigate your way.

For now, though, enjoy this sweet and colourful rainbow tinted proposal. It’s absolutely adorable.

Words and images by Lucia Fatima Photography.

I would love to introduce you our latest story, which was a stunning and incredible proposal by a dear couple called Monica and Pietro.

Pietro organized everything with an incredible style. He asked Fabio, the florist, to prepare all decorations for the backdrop and the flowers.

He knew how much Monica liked colours so he wanted to give a colourful touch to everything. With the aid of a graphic designer, he designed the stationery to invite her…

He actually chose her birthday to propose, letting her think it was a party she was attending instead of a proposal.

In fact, she didn’t expect anything like this! Pietro invited her to Mulino del’Olio, in Italy, one of her favourite locations, he asked her to arrive at the place and then waited for her in front of the backdrop.

He hired us as photographers to take pictures of her arrival, and I did my best to capture Monica without being seen. The proposal was very touching, and after she said yes we all moved to the area of the table set-up to have a sweet to celebrate!

How gorgeous Fabio and the cake designer dressed the table! We stayed there with the couple for a little bit, but after a while, we left them alone to enjoy their magical day.

All the preparations were handmade and inspired by the natural and vibrant colours of the rainbow. We wanted to show with these images the beauty of love, and the emotions of Monica and Pietro’s proposal. We really hope you will get emotional as well.

creative team credits / couple: monica and pietro / photographer: lucia fatima / make up and hair: lina pagano / flowers: fiori da favola / location: mulino dell’olio / cakes: lallaby cakes / stationery: we oui / dress: mes pois / creative: marta zanzotterra for creattiva srl

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