Money Instead of Gifts?! The Ultimate Cash Registry by Zankyou Weddings

As more and more couples live together before marriage, traditional wedding gifts, which were given to help the newlywed couple set up their new life together, are no longer needed. Luckily, wedding gift lists are modernising along with the rest of the wedding industry and now it’s much easier to ask for what you really need.

The hardest part is that many couples feel uncomfortable asking for cash instead of wedding gifts for fear of offending their guests, but with Zankyou it’s never been easier.

Zankyou is the leading international wedding platform for 21st-century couples worldwide. With a presence in 23 countries, they truly are the ones to turn to if you’re hoping to buy your loved-up newlywed’s something they’ll really appreciate.

Accompanying their magazine, which is enjoyed by thousands of visitors every day, is their cash wedding registry. With this, Zankyou has truly made their mark, meaning that since 2007 they have been aiding couples to get exactly what they desire, with just a few easy clicks of a button. That’s right – they can do everything they desire, right from the comfort of their own home!

How Does It Work?

Throughout the years Zankyou has provided couples with the resources they need to have a honeymoon of a lifetime, receive the pieces they really need to build their home as a newly married couple.

Their wedding registry is enjoyed by over 140,000 users in the UK alone each year, and with the lowest premium service costs on the market, we can see why!

Zankyou’s cash registry is a quick and easy to use platform. Couples can create everything to fit their own unique style, which makes it perfect for millennials who would rather receive cash than household gifts that may not be to their taste. Guests also have the freedom to personalise their gift by choosing where the newlyweds spend their cash gift.

So, if they want to gift couples with cash to fund their perfect honeymoon, or buy them furniture for their new life as a married couple, they can. Their premium service costs only 2.25% of the total contribution for premium members, which is a rate couples won’t be able to find anywhere else. And they need not worry about security as Zankyou handles over 1 million gifts per year worldwide with guaranteed high security and great service.

Zankyou Weddings now also has an easy-to-use App (available for Apple and Android users). The App lets couples access and edit their website wherever they are, search for providers near them, and use the new live chat to get all of their unanswered questions resolved straightaway by the Zankyou team!

**this post is sponsored by zankyou**

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