Jessica McCormack’s New Signature Bridal Jewellery Collection: An Experience

“The gold was scratched and worn, the circle a little misshapen; a testament to a long and robust marriage where love was rarely voiced, but manifest every day.”

– From “The Keeper of Lost Things”, Ruth Hogan

As the little blue arrow on my phone navigated me through the heart of Mayfair, with glimpses of the avant-garde in every studio window, I couldn’t have known what awaited me in the 19th-century building I was headed to, a Jessica McCormack flag dancing gently in the morning wind. I know of her internationally famous designs, of course, and I know how my heart jumps when I see diamonds up close (is it just me?) – and yet, I couldn’t possibly have been prepared for the feelings I experienced that morning.

The journey began as I walked through the thick wooden doors, greeted by impeccable staff, and was welcomed warmly into a home as artfully curated as a museum. Plinths topped by glass cases were interspersed amongst an array of contemporary art, antiques, and books – somehow taking my breath away before I’d even had a chance to glimpse the jewellery itself. This is the “shop floor” I’m told, but, honestly, I couldn’t imagine ever describing it so.

The lovely PR manager, Emma, explains that Jessica wants every client to feel a sense of discovery and excitement as they enter her studio, and for the experience of becoming a customer to be absolutely exceptional. Mission accomplished. She tells me about the on-site workshop downstairs (“the beating heart of the house”, they call it) and the library upstairs, filled with more curiosities chosen individually by Jessica’s business partner and third-generation diamantaire Michael Rosenfeld.

We step into a library filled with personal touches of Jessica’s, from delicate sprays of wildflowers in glass bottles to scented candles from her native New Zealand – and it is here, Emma tells me, that clients come to meet Michael and Jessica in person to discuss their bespoke commissions and diamond selection. It’s a place to be inspired, to relax, and to bring family – and, that day, to display Jessica’s brand new signature bridal collection, which is what we at Want That Wedding had so kindly been invited to come see.

The collection comprises six designs, a combination of existing rings and beautiful new additions to her bridal suite. Unmistakeable and unique, each piece celebrates both the traditional handcrafted Georgian techniques that she’s known for, as well as her passion for modernism and contemporary influences. Every design can be purchased as it stands, or can be altered to resonate more closely with the couple’s vision – with the aim to create an heirloom to be treasured and passed down from generation to generation. Every diamond is flawless, from 0.20 carat to 20.00 carat.

Just as I thought the morning had been as much as my little heart could handle, Jessica walks in, wearing several diamond rings per finger (“I love this little heart shaped one”, she confesses in a whispered voice), fabulous, relaxed, and utterly at home amongst her drawings.

So, without further ado, let’s meet the collection:

Daisy Halo Ring: Jessica’s unique take on the traditional ‘halo’ setting, the Daisy Halo incorporates the specialised craftsmanship and essence of the house style, including the Georgian cut-down setting and blackened yellow gold. This is a modern vintage piece, a nod to the past but with a contemporary design element.

Georgian Loop Ring: A signature house style, the Georgian Loop Ring is one of the most iconic Jessica McCormack engagement rings, infusing the handcrafted techniques her designs have become known for. The intricate detail on the band and the collet are key characteristics of Jessica’s engagement ring.

The Little Mermaid Ring: A new take on a Jessica McCormack icon, the revival of the Little Mermaid Ring is inspired both by the tragic Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy-tale of 1837 and the happy ending of Disney’s cinematic version. Representing the fearless rebellion of the film’s heroine Ariel, it features tiny yellow gold scallop shells and a gently swirling band. My personal favourite!

Cushion Cut-Down Ring: The Cushion Cut-Down ring has a simple understated elegance reflective of Jessica’s low-key luxury. The diamond is beautifully set in the Signature Georgian Cut-Down and an intricate scalloped gallery ensures that the ring’s handcrafted details can be seen from every angle.

Classic Six Claw Ring: Jessica’s twist on a classic setting, using double stoppers either side of the stone reflects a signature design feature, with the pale rose gold band adding a subtle femininity.

Signature Button Back Ring: Jessica’s most iconic design featuring the Georgian Cut-Down setting, this may be the most minimalist design in Jessica’s range, but the mix of yellow and white gold gives it the vintage twist that makes it an immediately recognisable design.

Side by side, they’re a force to be reckoned with, each one in its own unique vintage ring box, the fabric lovingly restored by Jessica herself.  Around this dazzling centrepiece display is the rest of the bridal ‘family’, amidst sketches, dried flowers, and leather-bound books. There are headpieces, necklaces (like the lovely heart token, for undecided grooms), crescent moon party jackets (when one ring encases another) and party shields (when the outer part is too outrageously magnificent to be called a jacket). And, on the side, a box of diamonds – like a dream of light and wonder.

To enter Jessica’s world of jewellery, beauty, and design, do have a look at her website and Instagram feed – and don’t hesitate to book an appointment, you won’t be disappointed. And for any help throughout your wedding planning, a brainstorm, or just to say hi, I’m here for you



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