Pretty, Soft & Subtle Yellow Wedding Inspiration

Now that the royal wedding buzz is calming, let’s get back to some pretty wedding inspiration. This year’s Spring has left us with a glorious Summer. And this time, the pretty and uplifting tones of a soft yellow are bleeding straight from the summer skies and into our inspo board.

Temperatures are high, trees and gardens are abundant with blossom and fruit, and as I sit here typing in a garden full of birdsong, the daisies are almost thicker than the grass they grow in. Everything is flecked with the soft yellow of sunshine, and the fresh greenery is still shining with its youthful yellow tone. Why not then, use this Summery colour in your own wedding palette? Yes we love metallics, and yes we love blush… but what about a soft yellow? Is there any happier and sweeter colour?

A soft Yellow can be used can throughout your wedding styling, but why not use small touches of stronger and deeper shades? Perhaps in the flowers, the stationery or even pick a venue with those warm yellowy tones on the walls. My favourite way to use this colour though is the when it is picked up in the bridal shoes, even (in the chosen photo here) in the laces. Set the tone of your wedding with some beautifully considered stationery; perhaps yellow ink over a pale blue paper?

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Let’s enjoy this incredibly warm weather, and the more dramatic stormy breaks that come along with it. And most importantly ladies and gents, stay inspired!

image source / image 1: photography by Kate Preftakes / image 2: photography by KT Merry / image 3: photography by Alicia Mink / image 4: photography by Kate Preftakes / image 5: photography by Independent Pictures / image 6: photography by KT Merry / image 7: photography by Esther Mathieu / image 8: photography by Kate Preftakes / image 9: photography by Independent Pictures / image 10: photography by KT Merry / image 11: photography by Esther Mathieu / image 12: photography by Independent Pictures / image 13: photography by Independent Pictures / image 14: photography by Alicia Mink/ image 15: photography by KT Merry / image 16: photography by Melissa Oholendt flowers by Maven Styling / image 17: photography by Hannah Duffy / image 18: photography by  Paula O Hara / image 19: photography by Hannah Duffy /

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