Chic Wedding Inspiration with a Hint of Scarlet Red

This week’s inspiration takes a much-needed punch of colour. There is something so refreshing and uplifting about dashes of confident bright tones, and keeping it simple with a colour like red ensures a classy and chic look. It’s glamour all the way with this one.

Because this use of Scarlet Red is all in the details, you can inject tiny moments of it absolutely anywhere. The key is to pick your details well and keep it restrained.

With your Bridal look, a red lip and a stunning pair of red shoes would do it. A single red flower in your bouquet, for example, or red nails. I adore the more matte textures when it comes to Red too; think red velvet or matte lipstick.

Red velvet runners on your table might be a stunning backdrop to your table centres; and who doesn’t adore a red wax stamp on a place name or an invitation?

Using colour on your cake needn’t just be floral either, how about something more contemporary and abstract like smudges or drags of colour across the icing? Avoid the gloss finish on Red here, and you’re guaranteed a classy glamorous look.

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Have a wonderful week, and remember to always have confidence in your own ideas and inspirations!

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