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Hello there lovelies ~ I’m feeling slightly sorry for myself today, nope! NO… don’t have ANY sympathy for me my dears as it’s a totally self induced hangover that I’m whimpering over!

Last night I attended the Wedding Ideas Magazine Awards {check out their site or scroll to the bottom to see all the winners}, not only was it a great shindig but an absolute pleasure to meet up with fellow bloggers Under The Vintage Veil, Homegrown Bride, B.loved Weddings and Wed In London and lots of other stupendously talented wedding peeps.

I tried hard to keep a lid on my drinking by discreetly placing my hand over my glass as the waiters kept the wine flowing, refusing the vodka luge and even missing the cocktail reception as I was a terribly fashionable 45 minutes late! But alas, I still woke up like a bear with a sore head, the remnants of last nights bright red lippy smeared on my pillow and one of my false eyelashes stuck to my cheek!! Attractive…

Anyway, bit of a lame excuse being hungover and all but I still do have a beauty to share with you {I guest posted this for Under The Vintage Veil} today. The Notebook, a bridal inspiration mood board. Most. romantic. movie. ever. fact.

The Notebook | Wedding Inspiration

(Image Credits: Pinterest}

Just gorgeous isn’t it? If you’d like to see even more bridal inspiration for a NotebookΒ  inspired wedding, click the link above which will take you to more fab *pinterest images *warning pinterest is incredibly addictive…

So, what movies inspire you? Have you ever dreamed of emulating a movie for your wedding theme? I would love to hear your comments.

For any one who hasn’t seen The Notebook

The Notebook is a love story set in the deep south of America in the 1930s. It’s a poor boy meets rich girl loveathon, they fall in love, her parents hate him as he’s poor, so they split, he moves away, she writes and writes to him for years and years to no avail… So, she agrees to marry someone else but alas she cannot let her love for him fade. So she visits the plantation house where they first made love {he fantasied about buying the house one day to turn into his dream family home}. The story shifts back and forth between their story and the story of an old man reading a notebook to an old woman who’s in a home and suffers with Alzheimer’s… As for the rest of the story YOU MUST WATCH THIS MOVIE!!! {and I defy you not to sob your heart out}.

For loads more wedding inspiration, click on the link :)


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