The rise of the hag do!

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Hello lovelies! Have you ever heard of a Hag Do? No, me neither… Well, apparently
it’s something engaged couples are choosing to do instead of the traditional, separately organised Stag and Hen Do’s. Have a little read of this guest post by the lovely Rebecca from Chillisauce Events and let me know what you think! Would you have a hag do, or are you looking forward to the traditional hen and stag do’s…?

{All Image Credits: Pinterest}The rise of the Hag Do!

Heard of the Hag Do?

These days marriage and relationship traditions are shot, couples are making their own rules. Your Hen night should be no different, challenge the conformity of tradition that says the bride and groom have to have separate premarital celebrations? Why have a Hen and Stag do, when you can just have a Hag Do?

We’re not the only ones that think so either, with celebrity couples getting in on the Hag do action too. Holly Branson and now husband Freddie Andrews threw a Hag do mega bash in Verbier, with separate dinners for the couples male and female friends, then a party night with everyone after. Another celebrity couple who planned on a Hag Do, were Gavin Henson and Charlotte Church, back in April 2010. It’s not for everyone though, as Gav and Char showed, they both had opposite ideas of what to do for the event and struggled to agree on one thing.

Get it right with our tips on how to plan the perfect Hag do:


When planning anything with two people involved there is always an element of compromise and patience. In order for the Hag do to work you both have to have an idea of what you want but also be considerate of what the other person wants. The best way to overcome this is to have separate activities in the day for example spa day for the girls and paint balling for the guys, then a meal and club night with everyone in the evening. This kind of set up means everyone gets what they want, but you also get to spend the night together. Plan an itinerary for the day that you both agree on, then there are no arguments on the day.


Leading up to your wedding day you will struggle to find time as it is, with fittings, supplier meetings and appointments, so planning two separate events can be difficult. With the Hag do, you are putting effort in to organising one event but for both of you. Your mutual friends that are couples will also thank you for this meaning they can share rooms, transport and also spend the weekend together. If you’re adventurous girls why not take part in the same activities as the guys and do a girls v boys competition, or do mixed groups to help everyone get to know each other. You never know, there might be a Hag
do romance in the making.


Often booking in groups will save you money and you can get great discounts. Most hotels, bars and activity centres will offer deals for larger groups, meaning everyone
gets a great day out, without over spending. The advantage of larger groups at bars or clubs means that any minimum table spending costs will be easily covered by everyone, so no outstanding fee to cover at the end of the night for you. If you are planning a weekend or night away, book a minibus or small coach for everyone, with double the numbers you will see the reduction in cost. 

Well I’ve got to admit I’m a little undecided on this one… but I do think it all depends on the couple and most importantly it’s what you as a couple want to do! As I’m always banging on about at Want That Wedding, it’s your wedding and you should do things your way!Time to drink champagne and dance on the table

Are you in the process of organising your hen do or maybe even a hag do ~ get in touch I would love to hear all about it. Meanwhile, if you need any assistance in the organisation of your hen / stag / hag do, why not contact Chillisauce Events and see what ideas they can pull out the bag.


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    Hubby and I went on a hag do a few years ago for our best mates. We all stayed in a hotel for the weekend. Us girlies went horse riding in the morning, whilst the guys went paintballing. In the evening we had a 70s themed night out. It worked so well as everyone had partners who knew everyone else. I know the bride and groom enjoyed it much more than if they’d separated.

  • elle

    Hubby and I had a joint hag/sten party as it just felt right for us. We invited a group of friends to a cottage in Norfolk for the weekend and had a great time! Xx

  • Reply

    Hmm. Interesting one this. I personally wouldn’t have a joint celebration. It’s not that I’m against it but the whole point of having a stag/hen do is to celebrate with your same sex friends before your wedding. This isn’t to say that you can’t do girly things after you’re married as me & my girlfriends do loads of things together including our annual 4 day weekend away together. Also, there can be people invited to the hen/stag do that don’t know each other who get to be friends during the outings that might not get the chance in a huge group or if they are with their partners. I’ve been married 7 years and even if, for some reaon, I was to get married again in the future I would still have a separate hen do as it would feel too much like a mini wedding before the wedding! Each to their own though!

    Jem x

  • Lou

    ooh my word I wouldn’t have swapped my hen do for the world. It was a big fat girlie celebration like no other…I still laugh about it now. And I’d never have experienced that stripping policeman on a hag do. It was unashamedly cheesy/tawdry/slightly wrong, but
    oh so funny!


      Haha ~ I would have killed my hen’s if they had done that for me, you do have an interesting point though about not being able to do certain things, I guess it’s different strokes for different folks :) XxX THANKS FOR ALL YOUR COMMENTS EVERYONE

  • Stephy

    Future hubby and I have a big group of mixed gender friends, most of whose personalities fall well outside of gender stereotypes, and only a few ‘separate’ friends – so for us, dividing along a gender binary split makes no sense :) we will be doing something all together. And it won’t be a ‘wedding before the wedding’ because it will be just us young folks with no small children, great aunts or or grandparents!

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