Gatsby Girl: 1920s Inspired Accessories

 In Pair of Bridal Shoes

Not a lengthy post from me today as I am at home not very well. Last week was a craaaaazy week here at WTW. There were massive highs with the Neon Love Shoot being featured on my blog as well as Rock n’ Roll Bride and then there were massive lows… I became embroiled in a bit of an email spat with someone {which was awful as I HATE confrontation, but who doesn’t?} ~ It really affects me mentally and physically, and unfortunately it seems to have triggered my anxiety issues again. It’s not a massive relapse as I’m on medication and that seems to keep it under control, it’s just affected my sleeping patterns and left me feeling permanently on edge {another way to describe it is a creeping, niggling, gnawing feeling that eats away at you} which isn’t very nice. Anyway, I hope that’s the end of it now, I hate bad feelings and I’m glad I’m feeling a bit  better now… I’ve spent today resting and sleeping which always seems to straighten me out.

So anyways, on to today’s gorgeousness and it comes from the amazing bridal shoe designer Emmy ~ many of you may know Emmy for their exquisite bridal shoes… but did you know they design bridal accessories as well? They have a stunning new collection ~ Gatsby Girl: 1920s Inspired Accessories… enjoy XxX


Gatsby Girl: 1920s Inspired AccessoriesGatsby Girl: 1920s Inspired AccessoriesGatsby Girl: 1920s Inspired AccessoriesGatsby Girl: 1920s Inspired AccessoriesGatsby Girl: 1920s Inspired AccessoriesGatsby Girl: 1920s Inspired Accessories

Stunning aren’t they? Which ones are your favourite? Can you imagine wearing one of these designs on your wedding day? I think that would be beauuuutiful!! Do keep an eye out for Emmy’s gorgeous shoes too ~ they’ll be featuring in a shoot I’m styling. The shoot’s being held in a chateau in the South of France. Très exciting!! Will keep you posted…

Lots of Love

XxX Sonia

and remember…keep wanting!!

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  • Katrina (Mrs AZ)

    Oh you poor thing, I suffer from anxiety too, it’s horrible- especially as it seems to make us play things over and over, more than most people seem to. Hope you’re feeling better soon. On the other subject, swoon- I adore Emmy x


      Thanks for your support lovely, sorry to hear you suffer too. Today I’m going to kick anxieties ass! XxX

  • Ciara

    Love love love Emmy Shoes! Hope you’re feeling better today and are able to put the nastiness of last week behind you. Some people thrive on negativity but just do your best to step away and ignore it (easier said than done I know! I’m just as bad for letting things eat me up inside!) xxx


      Thanks lovely, appreciate your comments and support XxX P.S Emmy shoes are divine XxX

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