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Good evening ladies… I have a fab guest post for you today from Lindsey of the The Perfect Bridesmaid. She’s gonna help you get to the bottom of what qualities you should look for when choosing your maids and what qualities you need to avoid like the plague! Hope it comes in handy XxX.The Perfect Bridesmaids?

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So what makes a perfect bridesmaid?

Most people have someone in mind – their sister/childhood friend/niece but if your decision is slightly more complex and you have a pool of candidates (so to speak!) to choose from, here are the top ten qualities to look for:

Someone who knows you well

If the thought of dressing up in fairy wings and a flashing veil on your hen night fills you with dread you don’t want someone who doesn’t know that organising it! Choose someone who is going to be respectful of your wishes – not only for your hen celebrations but each aspect of the wedding planning.

A calming influence

A great bridesmaid should know exactly what to do to calm you down when those nerves take over.

Good people skills

This may sound like something from a CV but as your bridesmaid may have to look after the flower girls as well as making new friends on the hen do, she’ll need them.


A big part of the process is shopping for THE dress. No, not THAT dress, the one for your bridesmaid. You want your bridesmaid to be truthful but at the same time you don’t want your taste brought into question!

Well organised

If you are relying on your bridesmaid to organise your hen do, run errands and look after guests she’ll need to be well organised. You may joke about her list making now but you’ll be glad of them come your wedding.


You may have read loads of wedding magazines and spoken to the girls in your office but you’ll also call on your bridesmaid for ideas so creative flair is a bonus.

Logical thinker

Without being disrespectful, there’ll be times when you’ll have less than a clear head and need to turn to someone who has. A logical thinking bridesmaid could be your greatest asset.


This doesn’t mean discard those who’ll sabotage your wedding, just someone whose opinion you trust when making important decisions.


This isn’t referring to the gift she is going to buy you! Being generous of spirit (to let you be the star) and time (to dedicate to you) is always a good trait.

Good sense of humour

This is probably the most important quality of your perfect bridesmaid! Choosing someone who helps you see the lighter side of planning your wedding is essential.

And the qualities to avoid…

Selfishness – Someone who refuses to wear the dress you have chosen is not your perfect bridesmaid.

Tardiness – You don’t need the added stress of your bridesmaid turning up late for the rehearsal or delivering the corsages on the wrong day.

Stubbornness – Planning a wedding involves compromise and the last thing you need is a bridesmaid who can’t!

Your bridesmaid will be a part of your family’s history forever so making a great choice will provide fantastic memories to reminisce about for years to come.

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Thanks so much for sharing this great advice Lindsay!

Bridestobe you are now armed with the knowledge of how to pick your girls, so relax and let your bridesmaids support you through this incredible journey.


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  • Nods at Daydreaming Bride

    Love all of these, I’m such a fan of bridesmaids dresses that aren’t so traditionally ‘bridesmaidy’!

    • Sonia

      Me too! You gotta have stylish maids ;) XxX

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