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Soooo exciting ~ we have a winner!! And that is… *drum roll* the aptly named Iwin… congratulations lady! Tim will be in touch soon. XxX

Hello my dears! I have an awesome post to share with you today from Tim Mugabi ~ Fitness Instructor from Into That Dress. Tim has very kindly shared a few tips to help
you slip into that beautiful wedding dress. Are you one of the maaaany bridestobe that’s purchased a wedding dress a size too small and now only have months before you say
‘I do’? Well don’t panic my lovelies! Get yourself focused and you’ll be strutting down the aisle looking fabulously gorge in nooooo time.

Modern 60s Bride ~ Bridal Fitness

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Don’t forget ~ check the end of this post for a want that wedding reader offer worth £200.

Five Fantastic Tips for Getting Into That Dress

Keep a Food Diary

A great way to keep track of what you eat is to keep a food diary, a simple alternative to counting calories. A food diary will allow you record exactly what you eat and really brings a new awareness into what you eat and drink. You may soon find that the 3 to 4 pieces of fruit you thought you ate everyday were really 1 or 2 pieces, and that the odd biscuit is a little more frequent than you realised. Keeping a food diary really makes you think twice before you put something unhealthy in your mouth.

Forget ‘Going on a Diet’ and Focus on ‘Your’ Diet

You don’t need to go on a drastic diet to get into that dress; you just need to focus on making small changes to your diet. Drastic diets force you to make lots of changes to
your diet at once and are impossible to stick to for very long. So while you might lose some weight initially, as soon as you stop the diet (and you will) all the weight you managed to lose will just pile back on; often with a little extra. Instead focus on making small changes, because it’s the small changes that will stick. So not only will you lose
the weight for your big day, but you’ll keep it off way beyond it too.

Don’t Neglect the Weights

While many brides-to-be will opt for the exercise bike, treadmill or dance class to get into that dress, they will shy away from lifting weights during their exercise routines. Their concern is that they’ll put on too much muscle and end up as a bulky bride; but this isn’t the case. Women don’t have the same levels of testosterone that men have and it’s testosterone that causes men to put on lots of muscle. Lifting light weights causes a woman to put on some muscle but the result isn’t bulk, but an attractive toned appearance. And most importantly, muscle burns calories. Every pound of muscle burns another 50 calories a day by just sitting there. So as you become more toned, your body will be better at fighting fat naturally. Your metabolism will have increased!

Have a Specific Goal

Be specific in how you’re going to get into that dress. Instead of simply stating ‘I want to lose some weight’, be clear on how much weight you want to lose. How much exactly? How many dress sizes is that? How long do you have until your wedding? By being specific you give your mind a lot more to sink its teeth into. You also make the goal more manageable by being able to break it down. 2 dress sizes may seem overwhelming, but it’s around 20 pounds, and over 6 months that works out as less than a pound a week!

Borrow from the Future

I understand that getting into that dress can sometimes be difficult. It can be tempting to eat comfort food instead of a piece of fruit when you’re in need of a snack. It’s also easier skip exercise sessions, opting instead to stay in bed in the morning or head straight home after work. So when the going gets tough it’s important to borrow from the future; to visualise what it’s going to be like on your big day and you’ve succeeded in getting into shape. A great way to do this is to keep a picture of your wedding dress handy. Keep it somewhere where you can look at it regularly (and away from your fiancé of course!) for
a hit of motivation. Picture yourself wearing your dress, looking fantastic as you fit into it perfectly. Imagine how it’s going to feel and stir up that feeling whenever your motivation escapes you.

So there are five quick tips on getting into that dress. For more weight loss advice and motivation, head over to my blog and feel free to drop me a line at


Win a free ‘Into That Dress’ Consultation and 2 Hour Long Training Session worth over £200. Simply post a reply saying when you’re getting married and where you are based. Good luck!

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  • Stacey Williamson

    Great competition!
    I’m getting married in Oct 2013 and live in East London

    Stacey xxx

  • Reply

    This is a really interesting and thoughtful post!! How lovely! Have a wonderful day!

  • Fi

    great article :)
    getting married 7/7/12 , in Essex :)

    • Fi

      sorry – wrong email address in first reply! doh! :)

  • @bubbarudi

    Oh my, I would LOVE some help. Really struggling to lose my ‘baby weight’ ( he’s nearly 2!!!!!) this is my dream prize! Great post, fab tips. I’m getting married in west Sussex 16.6.12 xxxx

  • Katie Goodrum

    Great tips for getting into shape without changing your whole life. I never know where to start in the gym.
    Getting married in September, based in North London

  • Jo

    I’m also getting married 16.6.12…! In North West London …I have been on such an emotional rollercoaster the last thing I have had time or motivation for is looking after myself properly. I have 6 weeks till my first dress fitting after my sisters wedding which is in 4 weeks and I’m Scared.

  • Laura Cutress

    I am based in Sheffield and the big day is 07.09.13 :)

  • Rachel Morton

    Fantastic little post, full of inspirational tidbits!!!
    I’m getting married on the 4.08.12…Based in Hull and could REALLY use some help shifting my muffin top!!! It won’t budge regardless how many sit ups I do xxx

  • sken

    I would love to win this.. Going wedding dress shopping in a few months and need some help to kick start me into losing some weight before it! Wedding is next may, and I’m in St albans, herts x


    Best of luck everyone, thank you sooo much for your comments. This is such great advice! XxX


    This comp is still open btw :) XxX

  • Naomi Assheton

    Brilliant competion I get married on 4th May and I live in Rugby

  • Laura Bragg

    Great tips, I certainly need to do a few of these! Our date is 06/09/2012 in Surrey xx

  • lwin

    Getting married on 11th august 2012, live in honor oak park- south east london!

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