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Hello again my lovelies!! I’m so, so proud to welcome another fab WTW sponsor on-board…

Tim Mugabi founded personal training company, ‘Into That Dress’ when he noticed a lack of support and guidance in the wedding industry for bridal fitness and weight loss. What bride doesn’t want to shape up a little for her big day?! As well as being your very own personal trainer Tim helps and guides bridestobe to set achievable goals enabling them to shape up and slip ‘into that dress’. If anyone can help you into your dream wedding dress ~ Tim can!! Here’s what the man himself has to say…

Into That Dress is a Personal Training company based in London that specialises in helping Brides-to-be lose weight for their wedding day. I created Into That Dress because I felt there was nothing out there that catered specifically for women who wanted to look their absolute best on their big day.

'Into That Dress' London based personal trainer specialising in bridal / wedding fitness / weight loss

You see, I believe that Brides-to- be are a special group of women. They have a special motivation that if harnessed and used properly, can enable them to achieve incredible things; but if left unchecked, can prove destructive.

cognibiotics This is why so many future brides succumb to dangerous crash diets and excessive exercise routines; because there was no-one out there guiding them with an alternative.

This is where Into That Dress steps in. We help you to lose weight with our Three Fundamentals of Weight Loss: Mindset, Diet and Exercise.  With Mindset we’ll help keep you motivated and most importantly, help you to motivate yourself. We also look at your Diet and help make sure you’re eating the right things consistently. And lastly, we with Exercise we create a tailored exercise that makes you look fantastic in the dress you’ve chosen to wear.

So when it comes to making sure you look absolutely beautiful on your wedding day, you don’t have to do it alone. Into That Dress will help you say ‘I do’ to a slimmer you!’

Lots of Love

XxX Sonia

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