Controversial weight loss for brides-to-be… the feeding tube diet!

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Controversial weight loss for brides-to-be.

Ok. I have a weight problem. There, I’ve said it. I love food. I LOOOOOVE FOOD. I’m 35 years old and every year due to my love of tasty treats, I get a little fatter.

Sometimes with willpower, healthy eating and exercise I’ve managed to keep it under control, but alas I’ve never been stick thin. I’ve previously discussed my weight loss for my own wedding day {I weighed a healthy 10st 9lb on the day} but I want to address this issue.

How far are brides-to-be prepared to go in their quest to lose weight?

On my own journey I went as far as Atkins, failed miserably and then resorted to the old fashioned healthy eating and exercise regime.

Admittedly, I did attend a 5 day boot camp {and lost a not-so-earth-shattering 5lbs}. To be honest, I had loads of emotional stress to deal with in the run up to my wedding so I knew I couldn’t try anything too crazy… but I do wonder if I’d have been ‘more of a sound mind’ in the run up, would I have tried something as crazy as this?


It is huuuuge in the United States.

Desperate brides-to-be wanting to drop a dress size {or two} are signing up in droves and guess what… it’s coming to London! Eek.

Controversial weight loss for brides-to-be... the feeding tube diet!

For around £800 to £1000 you could have this tube inserted into your nostril, through your oesophagus and down into your stomach. Nice.

The tube dispenses a protein and water solution that drip feeds you 800 calories a day.

meticore reviewsAs there are no carbs in the solution your body drops into ketosis and starts using your stored fat as the primary source of energy {instead of glucose from carbs} resulting in desired weight loss.

Rather fetchingly you need to wear the tube for 10 days and only remove once a day for the cleaning process. The solution needs to be carried in a little holdall or bag… everywhere you go.

So here I am a year after the wedding and 2 stone heavier. And the shocking truth be told is… a little part of me is tempted!!!

I know… I know… no abusive emails please. I’m not gonna do it. But this article has made me wonder… how far are we ladies prepared to go in our bid to lose the poundage?

And for the bride-to-be and one of the biggest days of her life, how far is she prepared to go?

My advice, just be yourself lovelies. After all, that’s what our partners fell in love with.

Article links: Grazia, Huffington Post, The Times

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    RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!! this isn’t healthy so why on earth it has been (it mustve been?!) OK’d by the medical council is beyond me. I plan to eat what I fancy in the run up to the wedding, i’ll need it with all the stress and strife that I will no doubt be dealing with! I also want a dress that I can sit down in and eat properly, no standing bolt upright and not touching food for me! No way hosé!!

  • Emma @A_Future_Wife

    Well there is a way to do this diet without the tube it’s called Lighterlife (or cambridge diet). I have been on Lighterlife since October last year and although some may think it dangerous, it was healthier than staying at the weight I was. I have lost 7 and a half stone and have some more to go. I get married in May but the weight loss was never for the wedding day itself, even though people assume it is. I wanted to lose weight to be in a healthy place to have a family after marriage. I know that lots of people at my wedding will still think it’s for that day, but losing weight in the run up to the wedding is just difficult when it comes to getting your dress the right size!


      Well done Emma! You should be so proud of yourself. I may look up that diet you seem to have had great success!! XxX

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    Wow that is really quite crazy! i can’t imagine having to explain to people why I have a tube up my nose!

    Emma – well done you – that’s a phenomenal effort and requires so much self control.



      I know! Imagine people will think you are ill… XxX

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