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Well my loves aren’t you a very lucky bunch of ladies indeed. WTW and Something Forever is giving YOU the chance to WIN this gorgeous wedding charm cluster that’s worth a whopping £195… yes! Read on…

Beautiful Cluster Charm ~ Something Forever, something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

Jenny the talent and creative brain behind Something Forever was inspired to make this unique wedding charm cluster a few years ago… One of her best friends was getting married in Las Vegas, but she couldn’t go. Jenny wanted to give her friend something personal she could pack in her luggage.

Beautiful Cluster Charm ~ Something Forever, something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

That something that would make her feel she was with her in “spirit” on her wedding day. So Jenny decided to make her friend a little charm cluster that could be sewn into her wedding dress and worn on the day.

Beautiful Cluster Charm ~ Something Forever, something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

This charm cluster encompassed something old, something new, something borrow and something blue and consisted of an old pearl, a new bead, a charm that belonged to Jenny and a blue palm tree.

The bride told her afterwards that she could gently feel the charms tinkling as she walked down the aisle, and she knew that Jenny was there with her. 

Beautiful Cluster Charm ~ Something Forever, something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

I absolutely LOVE the idea of this and think it’s such a sweet, sweet gift for any future bride, whether you can be there or not!! The fact it can then become a charm pendant you wear day after day of the big event is such a special gift!! A lovely living piece of memorablia, how gorgeous. Jenny from something forever had this to say…

‘For my own wedding, which was very hand made (the dress, the rings, the flowers, the posters, the invitations and the thank you cards!), I forgot to incorporate something old, new, borrowed and blue. In retrospect I was able to think that I had something on that represented these things, a blue dress, and vintage headpiece, a new ring etc but in my heart I knew that I had missed the opportunity to fulfil this tradition.’

‘I hope that the bride who has worn this brooch on her wedding day will want to wear it as a pendant throughout her married life, treasuring it as a memory of her special day as it is embellished with a new charm each anniversary.’

Beautiful Cluster Charm ~ Something Forever, something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

‘This piece of jewellery should save the bride time, be a “living” piece of jewellery that changes year on year and hopefully become an heirloom, handed down from mother to daughter. AND also something different that a future spouse, a mother or the bridesmaids could buy for the bride.’

So my lovelies, what do you need to do to win this gorgeous wedding charm cluster? Simple… answer the following question on the blog… and good luck XxX

If money was no object, what something would you buy your wife or husband-to-be for them to treasure forever

I look forward to reading your answers ~ Jenny and I will select a winner ~ to be announced on the 4th May, 2012.

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  • Emma

    What a gorgeous prize.

    If money was no object I would pay for my future husbands best friend to fly back to England for the wedding day.
    His friend moved to New Zealand 5 years ago, what they have is so much more than friendship, they are closer than brothers. His friend can’t afford to be at our wedding day and it would have meant the world to my OH if I could have made it happen x

  • Louise Bonci

    My love forever is priceless x

  • Lorri Adair

    This is the most heartfelt and meaningful giveaway ever. I love the thoughtfulness behind this idea and charm…I would be honored to wear it on my wedding day, and for all the happy days thereafter. If money was no object, I would build my soon-to-be husband’s dream home, with lots of lands and a barn. After 7 years in the army and 3 deployments, what means the most to him is having a home to call his own. He has sacrificed so much for the ones he loves, I can never fully repay him.

  • Eliza Quiros

    I am so thrilled to have seen this super lovely charm. I am so impressed with the thought of having to give this since you are unable to come, I guess that is the kind of friend you would treasure for the rest of your lives. If money was no object, I would tape myself proposing to him and give him the ring he wanted to buy for the both of us . A traditional kind of wedding in which we both dreamed of having one day in the world heritage church here in my place. The long years of unending battle and struggle for the Church to stay strong amidst the war that sure was a threat, that is how I will be able to marry him since that was how our life has been which will make us strong until we grow old.

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  • Chloe Wright

    My H2B is absolutely obsessed with fishing. He can be found every single week with a rod (or 3) in hand at one of the ponds about an hour away from us. I’m even incorporating fishing into the wedding! If I could, I’d buy him his own lake. It’d be a tranquil setting he could call his own and I’d know he’d never want for anything else. I’d even make a little ‘me’ zone so I could sit on a comfy seat with a good book, bottle of wine and a blanket. He’d have me and his fish – his 2 favourite things!

  • Jo

    The charm cluster is such a beautiful idea, I would be totally overwhelmed if my best friend did that for me. If money were no object, I would buy all the things my other half need for his business. He is a shoe repairer, and started his own shop from scratch in 2004. He works SO hard, and extremely long hours. There are things he would love to buy for the shop but we just can’t justify it. To be able to help him out would be my way of saying thank you for his hard work and determination over all these years. Xxx

  • hayley king

    Money doesn’t mean much to us. The one thing I wish I could give my h2b money can’t buy. But I wish he could have his mum back for just a few mins to see and hear us say our vows. We both lost a parent in our early teens but will do our best to make sure they are a part of our day.

    We’ve learnt life is very much for living so i hope all you other brides to be forget about the materialistic things and just have a wicked time. :)

  • FionaLynne Edwards

    I would buy my hubby another Wedding Ring. We were pretty poor when we got married (and, 14 years later, we still are) so I’d love to splash out on a decent 18ct gold wedding ring for him instead of the scratched and tarnished 9ct gold one he wears at present.

    Lovely prize – that charm is just so beautiful!

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