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Goooood morning morning gorgeous girls! Good weekend? Me too!! Sorry for the lack of blog posts this weekend ~ I’ve been behaving like a free spirit {mainly downing them that is}. Saturday night was my ‘welcome to Beckenham party’ and lets just say I tucked into the proseccos a bit too eagerly and Sunday was spent crumpled in a heap on the couch watching Mad Men episodes and downing gallons of diet coke! When will I learn aye… when will I learn..?

I did manage to view an amazing wedding venue on Saturday though for the next styled shoot I’m involved in. This place is beyond beautiful and I cannot wait to fully immerse myself in the creative process. The concept dreamt up by photographer Laura Babb is incredible and after seeing the venue I’m hopeful we’ll create something epic for you to salivate over!

So today I have some serious wedding pretty to share with you from Belle & Bunty. You may remember I’ve featured this talented duos wedding dress designs before and I am a huge, huge fan of their work, but this styled shoot just blows me away.

leptoconnect reviews It’s so, so dreamy, I shall detain you no longer… I’ll shall just let you get lost in the reverie…

To celebrate our first fantastic year in the bridal industry we’ve done just that and chosen a couple of our best selling dresses and a sprinkling of our latest offerings and taken them to the beautiful surroundings of Waterlow Park in Highgate, North London to create some pretty images that show off the true Belle & Bunty aesthetic.

Elsie ~ Belle & BuntyElsie ~ Belle & Bunty

Our fashion line has always been about fun, playful and feminine clothes so we wanted to echo this in these bridal images and also create a strong editorial, fashion feel.

Chiffon Belle ~ Belle & Bunty

Dreamy, romantic images that echo the vintage feel people are longing for at the moment combined with a strong and modern feel. Extremely feminine and maybe a little sexy!

Satin belle ~ Belle & BuntySatin belle ~ Belle & Bunty

We’ve found a lot of our brides come to see us because they want a modern dress with a hint of vintage rather than the other way round and it being too cutesy and retro.

Steeple ~ Belle & BuntySatin belle ~ Belle & Bunty

Hopefully these images show a look that is classic and elegant without being too traditional, allowing brides to be both themselves and unique on their big day as opposed to just following the norm.

Satin belle ~ Belle & BuntySatin belle ~ Belle & Bunty

We have had so much fun this first year within the bridal community and have enjoyed working with each and everyone of our brides and lovely industry people so have ours fingers crossed for another good year with new bridal styles coming soon and other exciting projects in the pipeline!

Petal ~ Belle & BuntyPetal ~ Belle & BuntyPetal ~ Belle & Bunty

*Sighs heavily* I wanna get married again! This bridal collection and these images are so ridiculously stunning they leave you with that sense of longing… but my loves, you lucky ladies could actually wear one of these stunners on your big day, the questions is though…

Which one of these beauties is it gonna be?

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    HOW gorgeous are these?! I absolutely love them! I thought I wanted a big skirt, and then tried on a slim longline dress and fell in love with that style! so confusing, but these are stunning!

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