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Evening everyone!! As promised I have a new feature to share with you and rather overwhelmingly I’ve had a fantastic response to this post so far. I think this post resonates with you lovely brides to be and photographers alike as who doesn’t like to look at a beautifully composed image of wedding pretty?!!

Now, I’m not gonna sit here and pretend that I’m some kind of photography expert, coz I’m not! I just know what I love and what makes me feel inspired and I hope that by featuring these wedding images, they inspire you too.

So here goes, this weeks aspirational image is brought to you by an incredible photographer. Her name is Anush Low and I am just a huge, huge fan of her work! Thanks for sharing this beautiful image Anushe…

This image was captured  at a wedding in Tuscany…

{Image Credit: Anushe Low © 2011}Anushe Low Tuscany Wedding ~ Aspirational Image of the week

So why does this image inspire me so? Well for one, the brides mono-chromed wedding dress is absolutely STUNNING!! {I’m reliably informed it’s Vera Wang} Regarding the actual image, I love the sense of movement as the bride walks forward with the frothy ruffles of her dress trailing behind. I also love that the bride is in focus and the background slightly blurs… it gives a soft and romantic feel. So that’s it, as I said I’m no expert and I would love to know what you thing too.

If you’d like to leave a comment {technical or not} on what you adore about this image, I’d be thrilled to hear from you!!

Photographers ~ Please do keep submitting your wonderful images to WTW’s image of the week, I’ve had some fantastic entries so far and you may even see yours soon.

Lots of Love

XxX Sonia

and remember… keep wanting!!

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