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Thank wedding favours it’s FRIIIIDAY… *coughs and looks a little sheepish* See what I did there lovelies…? See what I did! Haha anyway… wedding favours, one question every bride seems to ask nowadays is do we ‘do’ wedding favours? Yes I say, YES!!! I think it’s one of those traditions that guests come to expect and look forward to at weddings and there are just so many ideas for the perfect wedding favour to compliment your wedding scheme.

As one of the UK’s online wedding retailers, Confetti.co.uk offer a huge selection of products and with the wedding season approaching full swing, they’re currently promoting their fantastic range of wedding favours.

Here’s a selection of my favourite favours from Confetti.

Pretty little buckets you can fill with your favourite retro sweets…

Wedding Favours ~ Confetti

I love these little jugs, imagine the yummy pastries your guests could be nibbling on!

Wedding Favours ~ Confetti

Hmmm, seems like a lot of my favourite favours revolve around eating… personalise these rock sweeties.

Wedding Favours ~ Confetti

These watering cans are too cute! Fill them with pretty blooms and tah-dar. A wedding favour and a table decs all in one! 

Wedding Favours ~ Confetti

Wedding favour seeds… sings *sowing the seeds of love, sowing the seeds of love* gosh, showing my age now!

Wedding Favours ~ Confetti

Wedding Favours ~ Confetti

Planning a summer wedding? Keep your senorita’s cool with these pretty cherry blossom fans…

Wedding Favours ~ Confetti

Lucky in love? Buy each of your guests a lottery ticket as a wedding favour. I did this for my own wedding and it was fun to hear people calling out I’ve won £2 etc. Hope no one kept quiet about a big win ;)Wedding Favours ~ ConfettiWedding Favours ~ Confetti

Keep the kids entertained… I’m loving these adorable children’s wedding favours. I so should have read this book when I was little…Wedding Favours ~ Confetti

These hand tattoos are way cool! Heck they would keep me entertained for a few hours, never mind the kids!!

Wedding Favours ~ Confetti

Keep the little brain boxes occupied…Wedding Favours ~ ConfettiPretty, pretty!

Wedding Favours ~ Confetti

I hope this post solves your wedding favour dilemmas these are just a few of my favourites. Pop on over to the confetti website to choose yours…

What you do you think about wedding favours… yay or nay? Let me know…

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  • Ruth Ridley

    I personally love the flower seeds, and it’s always great to have something to keep the kids amused.

  • Deborah Robinson

    Some couples prefer to donate money to charity instead of giving Favours but with these plantable ribbon wedding favours they can let their guests know they have donated to a charity of their choice and the card itself is made of seeded paper so it can be taken home, planted and grow into beautiful wildflowers making it a Favour too. We think they’re a great idea!

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