I just posted to say… hello!

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Hi y’all, how are you?

Did you enjoy the summer berry styled bridal shoot I posted yesterday? I thought it was incredibly romantic and pretty and just perfect styling for an English summer wedding! Changing the subject {I’m typing in tangents don’t you know} I haven’t had time to ‘do’ a proper post today, it’s a bit of a manic time, what with the office move and all… I do have a really cute eshoot I’ll be sharing tomorrow though so do pop back then.

Also feel free to leave comments on the blog :) I don’t always have the time to reply but I do love to hear from you even if it’s to just say hi too.

Now it would be rather rude of me to not share something utterly wedding pretty with you right?! Oh, OK then, here you go. Get your lusty little chops around this… {they don’t go on about wedding porn for nothing!!}

Have you found the one?



Lots of Love

XxX Sonia

and remember… keep wanting!!

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