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A boutonnière is a floral decoration worn by men, typically a single flower or bud. The word comes from the French word for buttonhole, which is the British term

Afternoon ladies, I confess I’ve been very neglectful towards your poor grooms on the blog and I seem to get carried away with all the pretty and amazing ideas out there for you lucky brides to be! Now I’ve got to be honest and say I’m not the kind of lady who’s ever told her hubby what to wear… he’s incredibly picky about his garms so I’ve learnt to stay well and truly out of that arena. Anyway, they say you shouldn’t mess with perfection so I’ll leave my hubs as he is.

When it come to boutonnieres for the groom however, I’m all over it. Boutonnieres are a great way for your groom to express his personality and he could really go to town with all the quirky detailing… of course, it’s also another super cute way for you to pull together the look and styling of your big day.

Here are some fun & quirky boutonnieres that make a fab alternative to the traditional flower button hole.

{All image credits: Pinterest}

Alternative Boutonnieres ~ Button holes for groomsmen

Feather boutonnieres are incredibly sophisticated. Fancy DIY’ing your own? Here’s a fab little tutorial to help you out…

I absolutely adore these herb boutonnieres so fresh and different and imagine how they would smell! Another fab tutorial here.

Alternative Boutonnieres ~ Button holes for groomsmen

I’m totally in love with vibrant colours and the bright pink buds next to pussy willow and feathers is soooo pretty. Another huge crush of mine are succulents and they make such gorgeous boutonniere’s. This cabbage rose is super pretty and I also adore the earthy rusticy tones of the boutonnieres underneath.

Alternative Boutonnieres ~ Button holes for groomsmen

These rustic boutonnieres are so lovely!

Alternative Boutonnieres ~ Button holes for groomsmen

The vintage look is still a winner and there are many stunning vintage boutonnieres out there! Give yours the vintage twist by adding heirlooms, brooches, buttons or vintage keys. I love the boutonniere below made from vintage book pages and french netting!Vintage Boutonnieres ~ Button holes for groomsmen

So my lovelies, I hope these boutonnieres inspire you? Just remember, with a little creativity and ambition you could do almost anything!! Have a good trawl around etsy and noths for non floral, paper, felt, silk or quirky types of boutonnieres and if you’re hearts set on floral boutonnieresΒ  have a chat with your florist to see what ideas they have too. Remember, you can source bits of material, buttons etc and ask your florist to add them to your boutonniere’s.


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  • Lucy

    I love these ideas! The Rubics cube and guitar are just brilliant, poor Grooms don’t get much choice usually for their outfits, apart from the socks and cufflinks! Now I’ve seen some very cool cufflinks :)

    • Sonia

      I know our poor grooms! Send me the link for the cuff links if you get a mo :) ta XxX

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