Only discovering wedding blogs after you say ‘I do’

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It’s hard to be a wedding blogger and discover wedding blogs only after you’ve said I do..

As crazy as this sounds, I knew little about wedding blogs until 3 months after I married! It’s was only after starting a wedding planning, styling and design course that I became aware. Laid up on my sofa and recovering from an op, I came across an article in Marie Claire by Rock n’ Roll Bride and BOOM!! I suddenly had my eureka moment. That was it, I was gonna be a wedding blogger and inspiring future brides is what I wanted to do. As I’ve said I knew very little about wedding blogs so when brainstorming for names came up with this little gem… Rock My Wedding! Of course, 1 google search later my genius was thwarted by the revelation that this was already a very well established blog.

During the planning of my own wedding I searched on line for vintage wedding dresses and stumbled across the awesome Love My Dress blog, but do you want to know a secret? I didn’t read a single word! Of course, I’d sit there mesmerised by all the pretty and very quickly discovered that Jenny Packham was ‘the wedding dress one’ for me.

It’s hard to believe that wedding blogs and I didn’t cross paths again… Occasionally I’d buy the odd wedding mag featuring what seemed to be rehashed information and of course I’d still drool over the Jenny Packham designs.  In my desperation and obsession for vintage wedding inspiration I’d google and google. Laughably, I always searched by image so still never discovered all those wonderful wedding blogs out there.

You’re probably wondering why I’m telling you this? Well, I just want you future brides to know {if you didn’t already} wedding blogs are AMAZING and a phenomenal resource for wedding ideas, inspiration and advice and most heartwarmingly of all… they are part of a very real community of talented, lovely people who care for and support each other.

Wedding Inspiration, ideas and advice

{via Polka Dot Bride}

I LOVED and adored my wedding day. It had the right amount of vintage influence as well as being modern, understated and classy, but I sure wish I’d know about these wonderful blogs back then. If you put your mind to it my loves you can have any kind of wedding you want, really go for it, get creative, be inspired and most of all inject your personality into your big day. OK I know money can be a limitation but you know what I mean ;)

I’m just so excited for you! You lovelies ladies have *expressively waves arm* all of this… at your fingertips, enjoy XxX


{via Dear Crissy}

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  • Lucy Mayflower Events

    Sonia, I could have written this post myself! I had exactly the same experience – I didn’t even really know of the existence of wedding blogs until after my wedding and really wish I had used them more as a research tool. I think the problem is that until you start to organise a wedding, and then have the actual day you don’t really know what’s involved and how things will turn out on the day.

    Im just planning to have a fab 10 year wedding anniversary party & have and do all the things I wish I had known about before!

    • Sonia

      Haha! Funny isn’t it! Now I’m a blogger I swear I could have 10 different weddings, maybe one every year ;) XxX

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