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Afternoon ladies. Are you having a good week? Sure do hope so.

I’m über proud and excited to introduce to you a fab new Want That Wedding sponsor… Beaubuttons! Emma{the lovely lass behind Beaubuttons} makes the prettiest wedding bouquets you ever did see. Fashioned out of beautiful little buttons and trinkets they can also be made to include family heirlooms, what a perfect way to remember! Take a look at Emma’s lovely little creations below.

My name is Emma Lyth and I am the owner of Beaubuttons is a bespoke service offering brides custom made bridal bouquets made from gorgeous vintage, handmade and modern buttons and brooches. All my bouquets are individual one-off designs that can be created in a variety of colour schemes or wedding themes and styles.

Beaubuttons button bouquets ~ Betsy

Button bouquets are a wonderful alternative bouquet that becomes a keepsake once the day is over. They can have sentimental items worked in to make it that bit more special and can be created to represent so many colour schemes, eras and themes!

Beaubuttons button bouquets ~ Ava Bouquet starfish

Beaubuttons button bouquets ~ Tiffany Blue Bouquet and Corssage

Beaubuttons button bouquets ~ Coco LA

 To me, a dusty tin of old buttons holds memories, evokes nostalgic feelings and I love to transform these little treasures into beautiful bouquets that a bride will treasure forever.

Beaubuttons button bouquets ~ Rainbow button bouquet

Can anyone remember collecting buttons when they were a child? I loved collecting them and was totally fascinated by the colourful, pretty and intricate designs. Why not pop on over to Em’s site to look at her pretty button bouquets and vintage button bouquets, you won’t be disappointed my loves.

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    These really are the most amazing looking bouquets. I’m tryign to make my own right now out of foam roses and doorknobs but it isn’t looking anything near as good as these!

    • Sonia

      She certainly is talented isn’t she! OMG I so want to see your bouquet… doorknobs and rose sounds flipping awesome!! email me sonia@wantthatwedding XxX

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