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The Perfect Wedding Shoes & Confetti

As Vivienne Westwood once said ‘I love to literally put women on a pedestal’, however it doesn’t always work out and not all bridal occasions are practical for high heels.


The Perfect Wedding Shoes?

{image credit: Vivienne Westwood Red Heart Shoes}

As you can’t control the weather, it’s also hard to have any idea what the ground will be like on the big day – something that really impacts on the whereabouts bridal photos can be taken. Four inch heels or high sandals often put a bit of a dent in aspirations, and also the ground, and limit opportunities of photos underneath that beautiful willow tree. That’s probably why many brides are increasingly likely to buy an alternative pair of shoes or in some cases no shoes at all.

The Perfect Wedding Shoes - Cowboy boots

{image credit: wedding cowboy boots}

Designer Shoes

Now, though it may seem a little crazy to omit the Louboutin or Jimmy’s from your life, you have to think of the practicalities. If you’ve forked out for an amazing photographer and beautiful, picturesque venue; you want to be able to make the most of the snaps. You also want to be able to walk as well at 9am as you can at 9pm and not end up struggling in pain.  

The Perfect Wedding Shoes?

{image credits: Jimmy Choos, Christian Louboutin}

Think of the logic here – though we all want to wear our plushest clobber, it sometimes isn’t simply practical to do so. And, with the length of most dresses – no one will notice whether you’re wearing a pair of Jimmy Choos, eight inch glam platforms with a goldfish in the soles, or nothing at all on your feet.

Nobody Sees

Some brides wear what takes their fancy based on such a philosophy. Why wear something nobody can see in the first place, rather than fork out hundreds of pounds. Those who like to get back to nature often enjoy wearing nothing at all and feeling the green shoots between their toes if the weather is right and others just wear simple bridal flip flop like sandals. Some even go further.

The Perfect Wedding Shoes?

{image credit: bare foot bride}

Mother Nature

Many brides who get married in the danker sides of the year, but want their photos took among Mother Nature, wear wellington boots. In fact, there is a huge trade in Wellies for glamour puss brides, something especially aided by the Glasto trends inspired by Kate Moss and the ensuing return to form of Hunter Wellington boots.

A pink wellies wedding with vintage styling

{image credit: pink wellies}

However, that doesn’t mean bottle green is your only choice and there are a wide range of companies offering everything from colourful to bespoke Wellies. Quite a funky choice!

Transparent high heel protectors also have a part to play and can be the perfect antidote to soft terrain. These stoppers widen the area of pressure and allow you to walk unhampered through the soft ground. They can be a little fiddly, but if your heart is set on France’s or Italy’s finest, then they provide a great answer. 

The Perfect Wedding Shoes?

{image credits: red wedding shoes, floral wedding shoes, aruna seth wedding shoes,

diy clip on shoes, blue wedding peacock shoes}

Shoes maketh the bride, but your photos will often last a lot longer than they will, and the happy memories even longer.

This post was written by surrey wedding photographer, Gary Roebuck of Gary Roebuck Photography.

I think Gary brings up some really valid points that brides sometimes overlook… well I did anyway…

My scary 11.5cm concealed platform shoes sunk in the grass whilst having our creative shots taken! By the end of the night, my feet were killing me too! So off came the pretty shoes and I danced around in my bare feet {yuk}. Not particularly ideal. If you have a bit of a knees up {like we did} there’s bound to be be booze spills and maybe even glass on the floor.

So my advice lovelies, think about your Perfect Wedding Shoes from all perspectives… looking good, navigating difficult terrain, the comfort factor and of course, dancing the night away.

The Perfect Flat Wedding Shoes?

{image credits: flat wedding shoes – pink polka dots, flat lace wedding shoes}

And if you’re looking for the perfect pair of wedding flip flops for your guests {so they can really get on down at your wedding party} check these out

The Perfect Wedding Shoes? Wedding Flip Flops

{image credit: heels off}

Do you have your wedding shoes sorted? Has this post given you food for thought? Do you plan to brave it out in a pair of sky scraper heels or do you plan to change into a pair of flats / a.another?

The Perfect Wedding Shoes & Confetti

{image credit: wedding shoes & confetti}

Look forward to hearing your thoughts :)

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  • Karen Whybro

    The last pair is definitely my favourite! I was going to have the Vivienne Westwoods but decided they might cripple me. With shorter dresses becoming more & more popular, the shoe dilemma is definitely bigger than ever!

    • Sonia

      Are you going to wear the same pair all day or will you slip into some flats? XxX

  • Blush Rose Manchester Wedding Florist

    We did a wedding over Christmas and the bride wore Westwoods… And I smiled as I love them and did you know they actually do smell of bubblegum as I have the purple colour..

    • Sonia

      Yum! XxX

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