Vintage Bridal Hairstyles With A Modern Twist

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Hello my loves! Well this is my second attempt at editing today’s gorgeous post.Vintage Bridal Hairstyles With A Modern Twist. Yes rather annoyingly, I lost all my previous edits and so had to start again… grrr. I’m convinced it’s karma biting me in the butt as I have yet another snow day trapped in the wilds of Kent (haha).

Yes, the snow continues to cause chaos in the UK. I swear the government don’t sort it out as it’s a way of getting a few extra days off to bring us in line with Europe’s very generous bank holiday allowance.

Anyway, I’m just waffling now, so I’ll leave you with Camilla of Camilla J Collins who talks about how you can achieve a pretty vintage hairstyle in a more modern kind of way…

1920’s finger waving is a fantastic technique that really gives a sense of old fashion elegance, team it with a beautiful vintage accessory and you will create a very glamorous look. Finger waves don’t always have to be bold and crisp, if you don’t fancy making too much of a statement, brush the waves out for a softer look.
Popular Vintage Bridal Hairstyles
As the 1920’s finger wave was very much a flat hairstyle, why not use the finger waving aspect and combine it with another more modern style? This will create a beautiful style with a lovely vintage twist! With a 20’s hairstyle you can also get away with fantastic statement pieces of jewels, feathers and for a more modern twist why not use fresh florals? For a softer look allow the subtle waves to speak for themselves…

The same can be said for the 40’s victory rolls. Be it a few rolls on top with gorgeous curls tumbling down or a more structured style, it’s a fantastic technique to play around with as it can create such an impact. Another great thing when creating victory rolls is that there are no rules – the rolls can pretty much be formed anywhere and don’t have to be symmetrical to create a stunning modern vintage look.

Popular Vintage Bridal Hairstyles
{image credit: victory roll}
As for the 60’s well, who doesn’t love a bit of back combing! Beehives are a fantastic bridal hairstyle and provide the perfect support for a gorgeous headpiece! If you want to soften your style you can always trade in that french pleat for a softer updo with loosely pinned waves.
Popular Vintage Bridal Hairstyles
{image credit: modern bridal beehive}
The “vintage swirl” (as I like to call it) is present in almost all my bridal hairstyles! These pretty swirls can be layered up to create a style in itself or alternatively just one or two softly placed at the side to give that vintage feel on a rather modern style.
Popular Vintage Bridal Hairstyles
{image credits: pin curls and vintage swirls}
There are also many bridal hair accessories out there to chose from so don’t be afraid to go for something bold if it will compliment your style.
Vintage Bridal Hairstyles With A Modern Twist
Thanks Camilla for sharing your fab advice with us. I’m a huuuuge lover of a modern vintage hairstyle and especially for brides. It’s the best of both worlds, utterly stylish and pretty but with a nod to the beautiful bygone era. And I’m also crazy about these stunning Johanna Johnson headpieces too, ever since planning my own wedding I’ve been kinda obsessed with these beauties!
Vintage Bridal Hairstyles With A Modern Twist
So are you gonna rock a modern vintage hairstyle on your big day? Why not leave a comment on the blog letting me know your plans and if you’re looking for even more bridal hair inspiration and what’s hot for 2013 click on the link.


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