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A quick little share from me today. I thought it might be fun (and slightly thought provoking?) to share this little info-graphic comparing the average cost of a UK wedding to the cost of a celebrity wedding.

Average Cost: UK Wedding | Wedding Advice

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It’s quite amazing to think how much cash is splashed on your big day and it’s become even more common for the couple to shell out rather than their families…

Chris and I blew almost £26,000 on our dream wedding (that does include the engagement ring and honeymoon) so I guess the question is… Do we regret it? Do we think about what we could have bought with all that cash. And the honest answer? Hell, no! We don’t regret it for a nano-second, this was our dream day and it was worth every. single. penny.

What do you think? Do you think weddings are ludicrously expensive or are you prepared to pay big for the wedding of your dreams?


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    How the other half live is all I can say! lol

  • Karen Whybro

    If you have the money, why the heck not??? We got married quickly (just 6 months after our engagement) so didn’t have time to save. We relied heavily on others to help out with DIY bits & bobs and also paying for things as gifts! Luckily, my in laws paid for the marquee and my parents paid for a great deal too and altogether we did it for around £9,000. My dress could have been cheaper but then I wouldn’t recommend scrimping on that AT ALL! Our wedding rings weren’t expensive and neither was our honeymoon. I think my advice would be – don’t get yourself into debt, be sensible but go for what you want. It’s ONE day and it’s got to be exactly what YOU want.

  • lizz riley

    As long as you’re happy with your wedding it shouldn’t matter how much you spent on it. If you can say the best wedding you’ve ever been to was yours then you did it right!

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    From the lovely couples we deal with it’s amazing to see the vast differences in budget however it doesn’t have to be expensive and some of the best weddings we have been to are the ones where the money has been spent in places you would not expect. If a couple can be quite savvy and make their own bunting and cake or borrow transport and chairs and tables or happen have a friend or mum that can make the flowers then they will save lots of money. Or at least have more money to spend in areas that are important to them. It makes it all a heck of a lot more personal too!

    One of our favourite couples Annie and Matt who were featured on’ Wantthatwedding’ recently decided to make their own bunting as found it expensive to hire. It was amazing, saved them lots of money and now is making them money as they hire it out!

    Couples can get married whenever they want, they don’t have to do it in 6,12 or 32 months time, it’s up to them. Saying there is not enough time to make something or prepare something is not an excuse, if they want to have more time and save money they can. If they want everything done for them and quickly then they should expect to pay for it and potentially have less to spend in certain areas. For many this is perfectly fine and are happy with other people providing their goods and services, It really comes down to what is important to each couple. Just plan and don’t get yourself in debt!

    Luckily we tend to find Photography pretty high up the list with the like-minded couples we meet. If it’s not something that is important to them then we simply won’t hear from them, it’s all pretty simple. Documenting the day and having the images online, on a blog or in print means they will be around for ever so why wouldn’t you want to have a good photographer when there are so many talented ones out there!

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