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The Internet is full of blogs “advising {stroke} telling” you how to run your blog. How many times you should post daily, what kind of content you should be sharing, and whether it’s too early for you to take on sponsorship. When talking about relatively small blogs, some bloggers encourage them not to take on sponsors… citing reasons such as, the added responsibilities and pressures of keeping sponsors happy and then being left with virtually nothing after the tax man’s taken his cut.


Personally, I think some bloggers over complicate things. I don’t profess to be a writer, or even a wannabe writer. I’m simply a wedding blogger. Sharing inspiration and ideas whilst encouraging brides-to-be to stamp their personalities onto their big day. I don’t profess to have all the answers. I don’t expect brides to read the words on my blog and be blown away by my opinions or my points of view. My blog is not complicated. It’s just about weddings. Yes, it’s a wonderful and exciting time in persons life, but I’m not going to over intellectualise it. I’m just gonna be me. A girl who gets a bit over excited about weddings and loves to share that excitement with others.

If wedding suppliers want to be a part of what I do and I also believe people reading my blog want to know about these awesome suppliers, why shouldn’t I take them on whilst getting paid a little for sharing the love? After-all, a sponsor found through my blog is going to get paid too. I put incredible amounts of time, effort, love and passion into my blog. If sponsors can help me pay some of the bills and want to keep on sponsoring me and more importantly, brides keep coming back for fun, unique and beautiful wedding inspiration and I love what I’m doing… then why the hell not!Accepting Sponsors And Running Your Blog Your Way: Personal Post

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Lots of Love,

XxX Sonia

and remember… keep wanting!!



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    Here here Sonia….surely YOUR blog is the one place you can be YOU. Thats what the lovely people are coming back for.

    Keep up the good work Mrs :-)

    Wendy x

    • Sonia

      Awww thanks so much Wendy :)) XxX

  • Ruth Ridley

    Keep up the great work :)

    • Sonia

      Thanks Ruth :)

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