Sweet Pancake Love: Wedding Inspiration

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Ok, so earlier I tweeted that I’d blogged a pancake inspired real wedding. I er. um… lied! Of course, I admitted that in the tweet but it did get me thinking about all those yummy sweet and sticky treats we serve at weddings and how pancakes would make a great alternative to your standard wedding cake. So, here you have it. Sweet Love: Pancake Wedding Inspiration Enjoy XxX {and no licking the screen}.

{image credits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6}

How yummy, scrummy would stacked pancakes be for your wedding cake, dessert table or even, evening buffet? And imagine all those toppings… Totally and utterly umptious!!


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  • Sara

    What an adorable inspiration board! Who doesn’t love pancakes?!

  • The Confetti Team

    Sonia, you wonderful woman
    We’re totally head over heels in awe
    Of the blog that you have nurtured
    Your style, we all adore

    The main reason we started reading
    Was that we loved your proposal story
    Of when Chris got down on one knee
    And had his moment of true glory

    You had us hooked with this intro
    We had to learn about post-Majorca
    And you didn’t disappoint
    With your vintage wedding corker

    Girlfriend, you’ve got it all
    The man, the cats, the skill
    In fact Sonia, you’re a total legend
    Your words never fail to thrill

    Bouquet’s full of ostrich feathers
    A 1930’s dress
    Your wedding was spectacular
    We were jealous (we must confess)

    Working as a part-time receptionist
    You’ve perfected your telephone manner
    But your true vocation in life
    Is to be a wedding planner

    But we’re also impressed with your joie-de-vie
    You never stay in stasis
    Your energy is boundless
    (Just ask the wet-folks who went to see Oasis)

    You love food, festivals and posh hotels
    Photo-booths and posing
    How would you describe yourself?
    An extrovert, we’re supposing?!

    But the thing that we love the most
    (The thing that make us want to be your chum)
    Is that you’ve named your kitties
    Coconut and Rum!

    So you’ve combined drinking cocktails
    With kittens that are cute
    We want to be as cool as you
    It’s become our daily pursuit!

    You may not know that “Sonia and Chris”
    Is an anagram of “Road in chains”
    Tied together in blissful love
    Strolling down future’s memory lanes

    So happy St. Valentine’s Day
    Thanks for the love you’ve been spreading
    To us the folks at Confetti
    Avid readers of Want That Wedding


    • Sonia

      Oh. My. God! I think this is the best comment I have EVER received on my blog. You are truly now my bessie mates in the whole wide world ;) XxX

  • Reply

    Thats flippin brilliant! :-) x

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