An Interview With: Emmy Shoes London

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I absolutely love it when I get the chance to interview amazing bridal designers… it’s such an honour and pleasure to get to know more about the person behind the brand and I am totally in love with the work of Emmy Scarterfield. Emmy, if you don’t know, is the lady behind the outrageously gorgeous Emmy Shoes.

Not only does Emmy design beautiful shoes and bags but also gorgeous bridal shoes and accessories too.

An Interview With: Emmy Shoes

Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed by wantthatwedding, as you know I’m totally obsessed with your gorgeous shoes and get so excited when I see your new work!! I would love to get to know you a little more as a person as well as a designer… So here goes…

Did you have any interests growing up, any particular hobbies?

I’ve always loved shoes, I remember putting wooden building blocks in my socks when I was about 2 to make high heels… I still think there is a pretty concept in that idea!

An Interview With: Emmy Shoes

Was it always your dream to become a bridal shoe designer?

Well definitely a shoe designer, the whole wedding thing was more of a time and a place that fitted my skills and aspirations for my own collection. I love weddings though, so it’s the perfect fit for me.

Who inspired you growing up?

I have an outrageously glamorous aunt who lived, throughout my childhood in Belgium, amongst other far flung places. She’d always arrive on Xmas eve at out home draped in a fox fur and smelling divinely of opulent perfume, drowning in tantalising gifts from her travels. Out and out glamour always felt attainable with her around.

An Interview With: Emmy Shoes

Where do you draw your inspiration from? How do get motivated for designing your bridal shoes?

I grew up in a sleepy Somerset village called Chilcompton, it’s home to Mulberry. I grew up next to the factory shop and was constantly surrounded by the super rich indulging in the luxury brand. To design accessories seemed like a completely accessible career to me.

What’s been the highlight of your career so far?

Designing bespoke shoes for royalty. Such a privilege and super, super exciting… that excitement is almost addictive!

An Interview With: Emmy Shoes

From your collections, do you have a favorite pair of shoes / accessory?

I’m loving my new Chloes in hot pink with matching Pippa clutch. I’ll be sporting those two for a while I think!

What types of material and detailing do you use for your collections?

I love using super soft suedes and leathers. My shoes are notoriously comfy, which is thanks to the luxury materials and constructions I use.

An Interview With: Emmy Shoes

What type of bride do you think is attracted to Emmy Shoes? Please describe her personality and style.

Definitely a bride that loves shoes and appreciates attention to detail. Quite often our brides are more excited about the shoes and accessories than they are about the actual dress!

Are there any exciting plans coming up for you?

Yes for sure. We just launched our new website which is an online boutique, plus show cases the Boutique Collection in a much clearer way. Oh, and we’ve got the whole ‘world domination’ thing going on… lots going on with the brand at the moment. Really exciting times.

An Interview With: Emmy ShoesAn Interview With: Emmy Shoes

Personally and professionally, where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Professionally: in 5 years I’d like to think that my brand is accessible globally (world domination) and that my role as a designer is more defined with a bigger Emmy team to support me.

What makes you happy?

My girls properly belly laughing makes me feel truly happy and fulfilled (I have twin girls that are aged 4). Gorgeous shoes that instantly transform an outfit are pretty up there too!

An Interview With: Emmy Shoes London

When you’re not busy designing out-of-this-world shoes, how do you fill your spare time?

Spare time… what’s that! My life is a constant juggle at the moment, gloriously happy in both work and at home with my twins but there’s not much space for ‘me’ time. I do try and get out for a run once or twice a week, please don’t be under any illusion that I’m fit and skinny though, it’s just a chance for some head space and fresh air!

Our lovely brides-to-be would love a guide price for your shoes, what can they expect to pay?

For our signature collection (that we hold in stock) expect to pay from £260. Our bespoke service starts at £360 but expect to pay around £550 for anything fancy!

An Interview With: Emmy Shoes LondonAn Interview With: Emmy Shoes

Which designers give you inspiration / who do you admire and why?

One of the brands I love and wear a lot is Graham and Spencer. Beautiful prints and easy, clever shapes.

And finally, do you have any advice for future brides-to-be on accessorising their wedding dress and big day?

Stick to a style that you’re comfy with, chances are that’s what suits you. I always think that as a bride you should look like yourself (a very polished version of course!)


What a fantastic interview!! Thank you so much for your time Emmy and I’m sure WTW readers will appreciate getting to know about you and your amazing designs a bit better!

I absolutely adore all of Emmy’s bridal range but don’t forget lovelies that you can mix it up a bit, be true to yourself and your own style! I’m so into brides rockin’ shoes that make a statement and if that’s what you’re looking for, Emmy also has a bespoke service that can enable you to do just that

An Interview With: Emmy Shoes

Don’t forget to check out Emmy’s brand spanking new website where you’ll see all the gorgeousness in boutique, bridal, bespoke, bridal hair accessories and the Emmy blog!

Oh… and I nearly forgot!!! Recognise the beautiful bridal gowns? They are from the Belle & Bunty collection.


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