Buy Our Honeymoon: Wedding Gift List | Product Review

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Buy Our Honeymoon: Wedding Gift List | Product Review

Buy Our Honeymoon: Wedding Gift List | Product Review

When Chris and I were engaged and planning our wedding we came to the part where we had to decide where to have our wedding gift list. Now as Chris and I already lived together and had lived away from our parents for a relatively long time, we couldn’t think of anything we wanted or needed to furnish our home.

Back then I didn’t know about wedding blogs, but I had heard that some couples were asking for money towards their honeymoon rather than guests buying a possibly unwanted gift. Chris and I discussed this option and decided to make a special insert to pop inside our wedding invite saying…

You being at our wedding is the most perfect gift we could receive, however, if you’d still like to buy us a present, we would be very grateful to receive money towards our honeymoon‘.

Buy Our Honeymoon: Wedding Gift List | Product Review

Recently, WTW took on a new sponsor, and yes, you’ve guessed it… it’s a wedding gift listing service, but with a difference. Buy Our Honeymoon is 100% geared towards having the honeymoon of your dreams.

So, I had a little go myself and set up an account for Chris and I’s fictitious honeymoon to Italy, yes we’re going to visit Italy and drive down The Amalfi Coast! {hint hint Chris} This was my experience…

Buy Our Honeymoon: Wedding Gift List | Product Review

When you visit the site it’s laid out really clearly and there’s a section explaining how everything works, plus example lists which really give you a good idea for how other couples built their lists. Buy Our Honeymoon gives you the option to have a free trial, so you can get stuck in and have a play around before you buy.

Once registered, customise your URL {we named ours} but there are other names to choose from too, such as the more traditional, or the more modern

You can also customise the gift list landing page and we chose the vintage theme.

Buy Our Honeymoon: Wedding Gift List | Product Review

So when you’ve set up your URL, you’re good to start creating your list straight away! I loved the fact that there were already a few options filled out, simply click edit and customise to your own preferences, adding extra items was easy easy peasy too.

Another feature I really like is you can upload images to show your guests what your gift actually looks like. Sweet! If you don’t have an image, it’s really fun to scour places like pinterest, this at least gives your guests an idea of what your gift looks like.

Buy Our Honeymoon: Wedding Gift List | Product Review

Buy Our Honeymoon works in various ways… You may have already purchased your honeymoon but your guests can still buy extra luxuries and treats for you, such as… romantic meals out, luxurious treatments, or even upgrading your room to the honeymoon suite! Whatever your heart desires…

If you’d prefer to receive money toward purchasing your whole honeymoon, it’s easy to set up that way too. I set my honeymoon gift list as a mixture of the two and you can check it out by clicking the link… Sonia & Chris’s honeymoon gift list

Buy Our Honeymoon: Wedding Gift List | Product Review

So how do your guests actually pay? Well, you can keep it totally traditional and let your guests pop money in cards to place in your gift box or you can set up a direct debit or paypal payments. Direct Debit payments through GoCardless take a matter of minutes to set up, and I should know as I actually set one up!

When your guests reserve an item from your list they’re given the option to pay now and it’s as easy as filling out a form. Of course, if your guests still want to give you the money in person they can still reserve the item, no problem.

Buy Our Honeymoon: Wedding Gift List | Product Review

Buy Our Honeymoon is a fantastic alternative to a traditional wedding gift list and also the perfect way to sort out your honeymoon. Given the chance, Chris and I would’ve definitely used this service!

Buy Our Honeymoon: Wedding Gift List | Product Review{image credits: Sonia Colletti}

And if you haven’t guessed… this was Chris and I’s dream honeymoon to Cuba! Where’s your dream honeymoon destination? I would love to know.

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