American Wedding Trends: Props | Candy Stations & Dessert Buffets

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English weddings are fab aren’t they? You can’t beat a good ‘ole bit of quintessential British charm… but those American’s… they sure do know how to throw a pretty party right?! Over the last year or so I’ve seen some outrageously gorgeous ideas on Pinterest, ideas that started off on American shores, yet you couldn’t get hold of them this side of the pond for love nor money. Well! Rather excitingly, they are a’ coming… Whoopity Whoop!

So what are these utterly awesome American wedding trends? Let’s take a look shall we…

Pretty Piñata’s! So what are they exactly? Filled paper mache domes that you whack with a stick! Say whaaat? Yes, originally thought to be from Mexico, yet it’s origins can actually be traced back to China.

American Wedding Trends: Props | Candy Stations & Dessert Buffets

{image credit: gold pinata}

Piñata’s are a super way to add some big F for fun into your wedding day. Fill with confetti for a sweet photo op or maybe with candy and let your wedding guests go to town..


Pretty Fringe Tassel Garlands. These colourful garlands can be made in many oh-so-cool colour combinations and often feature gold and / or silver tassels.

American Wedding Trends: Props | Candy Stations & Dessert Buffets

Use them to decorate your wedding reception, they look fab behind your dessert buffet candy station.


Pretty Rock Candy. Also know as sugar swizzle sticks. Again, these come in a beautiful array of vivid colours and can be added to your candy buffet or even used as an alternative but very yummy wedding favour!

American Wedding Trends: Props | Candy Stations & Dessert Buffets

Pretty Paper Straws. OK, these aren’t exactly new to British shores… but have you ever seen such a variety? Chevron’s, stripes and polka dots. Paper straws in soooo many colours.

American Wedding Trends: Props | Candy Stations & Dessert Buffets

Such a fab way to liven up your drinks reception don’t cha think? And who doesn’t love slurping out of something this pretty?


So I shall spill the beans, as I know you’re dying to know where YOU can purchase said goodies! The Sweet Hostess. The lovely Melissa has personally made it a mission to get her mitts on all those American goodies you’re lusting after. So pop on over to The Sweet Hostess to browse over all of the wedding props. But wait… that is not the only thing Melissa does… She also supplies your candy and dessert buffet stations working closely with you to create or compliment your wedding theme and colour scheme!

This is one of The Sweet Hostess’s chic and fun dessert buffets… I’m loving the gold, green and pink!

American Wedding Trends: Props | Candy Stations & Dessert Buffets

So what do you think my loves? Are you gonna give any of these American wedding ideas a go? Just imagine this pinata filled with glitter!!!

American Wedding Trends: Props | Candy Stations & Dessert Buffets

{image credit: glitter pinata}



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  • Jessica

    Piñatas may have originated in China, but they are centuries old Mexican party tradition, and they are certainly not American (even in being appropriated and included in American weddings now). While there is history to the piñata being from China, the indigenous of Mexico also had a piñata type of tradition of their own and the word itself is Spanish. There is a very big difference between American and Mexican cultures and traditions. We are different countries, traditions, beliefs, and people even if on the same continent. Please do not pass off piñatas under American wedding traditions. Please be careful when citing other cultures.

    • Sonia

      Thanks for your comment Jessica, if you re-read the article you can see I am talking about trends and not traditions. I have also stated that the pinata originated in Mexico but was thought to have come from China. I found my information via Wikipedia. Thanks, Sonia :) XxX

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