Sheer | Nude Wedding Gowns: Bridal Fashion

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Morning gorgeous girlies, one of the biggest bridal trends I’ve seen coming through this year has been the beautiful illusion back wedding gown with acres and acres of sheer lace and gorgeous tulle on show.

It seems this look has evolved into a more risqué version with areas of the body not necessarily deemed ‘bridal’ now on show…  don’t get me wrong, I’m all for stop the traffic, show stopping wedding gowns and my blog definitely encourages you to be yourself, but I can’t help wondering *adopts Carrie Bradshaw voice* are these gowns church / nan appropriate? 

Maybe I just don’t have the balls to wear a gown like this, or maybe I’m being a big fat prude…

Sheer | Nude Wedding Gowns: Bridal Fashion

 {image credits: zahavit tshuba, elizabeth messina}

There’s a couple of versions of ‘sheer’ – the ultra sheer look, where you can see. actual. real. naked. flesh. or we’ve got the faux sheer look with a nude underlay…

Sheer | Nude Wedding Gowns: Bridal Fashion

{image credits: lemandyj’aton couture}


So what do you think? I mean, I obviously love them as I keep pinning the shizz out of them… but would you dare to wear? Let’s discuss…

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  • Reply

    Hell yeah…..if I could get married again right now I’d definitely wear them – except I’ve probably had a few too many pies…and cocktails….oh.

    Seriously though – these are beautiful and I think tasteful too….would much rather see these beauties than some of the meringues that grace the aisles!

    And I am stealing “shizz”….love IT!

    • Sonia

      Haha, glad you’re loving the shizz out of ’em… I think I might be jealous as right now, I definitely have eaten too many pies and drank too many cocktails ;) XxX

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