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I am so ridiculously excited by today’s bright yellow, homemade, English country wedding! Everything about Rory and Emma’s wedding is super, duper sweet and EVERYTHING was either homemade, borrowed or purchased 2nd hand. It goes to show, you don’t have to spend an absolute fortune to have the prettiest and most memorable of wedding days…

© 2013 kerry james photography


My wedding dress was made by my husband’s sister Daisy Woollins, it was inspired by the beautiful Claire Pettibone gowns.

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My wedding shoes were vintage Kurt Geiger from the boutique charity shop in Bury St Edmund’s.


Rory’s suit and waistcoat were from H&M!


And my beautiful veil was made my my Mum.


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The bracelet I wore was actually a pearl necklace which was my something borrowed from my nan.


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Rory’s Nana made our wedding cake and I made the bunting and peg topper.


Our flowers were from a warehouse in lawshall, they also do a stall at Bury market on Wednesdays and Saturdays


The disco set up was all my brothers. The guitarist was David Hart, he busks in Bury St Edmunds on a Saturday and the card trick man was Rory’s mum’s cousin Brent.


If I you could impart any words of wisdom for future brides?

Emma says… My advice would be make lists of all the things to complete each week leading up to the wedding. I loved how much of our wedding I had done myself and how much the family was involved as well so organize and make as much of it yourselves as you can. Your guests really notice the personal touches.

Rory says… Stay calm and don’t let any mishaps ruin the day, go with the flow and enjoy every second of it.

Oh wow! How amaze is this bright yellow wedding and what a way to arrive in style. The vintage Imp car is flipping brilliant and was lovingly restored by the couples friend. Such a beautiful wedding and fun, fun, fun images too. It looks like Emma and Rory had an unforgettable day! I’m sure many of you will totally agree and are going to feel super inspired by this fab wedding.

credits | photographer: kerry james photography | venue: all saints church, suffolk, england | catering: angela hog roast, benecci ice cream bike

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  • Tola

    Yellow is one of my favourite colours and I love the way they’ve chosen a yellow that pops. The umbrella was my favourite feature followed by the yellow cupcakes. Love love cake :)

    • Sonia

      Thanks for your comment Tola :) XxX

  • Gemma

    Ahh what a lovely wedding! That Barn reception looks amazing… Her bouquet looks so effortless as well as though she just scooped them up…

    • Sonia

      Thanks for your comment Gemma :) XxX Loving this rustic yellow

    • Emma

      Thanks everyone for lovely comments. this is my wedding :) I loved every second of it and its so nice to read what other people liked about it. It was hard work to put it all together ourselves but we feel it was worth it.
      The bouquet was made by my mum and that was exactly the look we were going for, like I had scooped it from a meadow. Yellow is my favorite colour and I was worried it wouldn’t work at first but once we had found our venue I could see it all coming together.
      Im glad you all like it :)

      • Sonia

        Hi Emma, yellow was such a bold colour choice. I LOVE it :) what a beautiful day! I hope you are enjoying married life XxX

  • Hot Chocolates - Clayton

    Don’t often see yellow at weddings but I think it really does work!

    Love the rustic style and that cake is to die for!!


  • Hannah Webster

    Oh my word – that’s lovely. Yellow is such a happy colour. The car! The cookies! The flowers! Aceness.

    • Sonia

      Haha! Fab isn’t it :))

  • Hannah

    I was so pleased to take Emma to the wedding in my Imp – Laa Laa. everything fitted perfectly with the theme and it was a lovely day! xx

    • Sonia

      La La is AWESOME! XxX

  • Alex White - Pure Photos

    Wow! Love the car, love the flowers, love the colours, love the style….love it all! Congrats to the happy couple!

    • Sonia

      Yay glad you love everything. This is one of my fave weddings too! XxX

  • Sara Cousins

    Mega wow! Absolutely love this! Such a beautiful wedding – cake, flowers, dress, everything! Hope my wedding photography is this wonderful! Inspirational indeed. Congrats to you both xx

  • eweddingdress

    This wedding looks absolutely stunning! I love the brides gown! She looks so beautiful!

    • Emma

      Thank you so much everyone :) i felt so pretty in my dress, I’m so lucky to have had it made just for me :)

      • Stella

        Congrats all looks amazing! Can I ask where you bought the lace/ fabcric for the gown? Thanks a lot!

  • Lauren

    You both look so, so happy, it’s beautiful! I think the yellow looks great, the whole wedding looks lovely and you look stunning! xx

  • Nathan @ Artemis Stationery

    Those photos were a real joy to view, love to see vibrant colours being used. Some really great photos and best wishes to the Bride and Groom.

  • Kikki

    Has given me much needed inspiration, I love love love that so much of it was ‘home-made’ well done to all of you.

  • Izzy

    This is a lovely wedding, you’ve done such an amazing job! I love the use of yellow, which is such an under-rated colour palette. May I ask where your venue was? I’m struggling to find a venue that’s right and am becoming a bit dispondent.

    • Sonia

      Hi Izzy, I’m not sure where the couple married. In a barn in Bury St Edmunds I think. Try not to get despondent about finding the right venue… it will happen. I also found finding the venue the most stressful part of wedding planning. In the end we compromised and adapted the style of our wedding to compliment the venue! You’ll get there lovely XxX

    • Emma

      Hello, the barn in in Denham, they don’t advertise online though I’m afraid, it’s kind of a local secret lol.
      Thank you all so much, it’s great to read all your comments, and see what people thought of our wedding :)

  • Emma Godard

    I am loving the all things yellow!! What lovely and different ideas they had for a wedding theme. Lovely wedding :)

  • Skysoclear Weddings

    The H&M suits look fine! Who would know (especially after a few drinks!).

    Fantastic colours and beautiful details!

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