The Ultimate Flower Girl Outfits | TuTu Du Monde

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The Ultimate Flower Girl Outfits | TuTu Du Monde

Happy happy weeeeeeekend! My weekend has gotten off to a fab start as it’s officially my ‘birthday weekend’ Yay! [not telling you how old I am!]. The hubs served me breakfast in bed [cheesy crumpets, fresh coffee and cuddles] and now I’m gearing up for a day of adventure in London Town. A little birdy told me that I’m being taken to a rather posh michelin starred restaurant to quaff their extravagantly yummy cocktails and delight in their delicious taster menu. Exciting!!

I hope you’re also being spoilt rotten this weekend [we all deserve it don’t we] and you have lots of fun plans! I believe every girl [woman] should have a little sparkle in her life, whether that’s from the gorgeous rock on her finger or the crystal embellished pumps on her toes. Life should liberally be sprinkled with sparkles…

Maybe that’s why I’m so excited about the gorgeous flower girl collection I’m showing you today. Every pretty tulled tutu, delicately designed capelet, feathered shrug or accessory has beautiful crystal or sequin beaded embellishments. The whole collection has an ethereal, whimsical vibe with some of the designs being downright angelic.

Want the best looking flower girls around? Dress them from head to toe in Tutu Du Monde’s newest collection, Meeting Miss Haversham!


Shrouded in mystery and shut away in her gothic mansion, Miss Havisham inhabits her own world. The thrill of exploring a ghostly, seemingly abandoned mansion and meeting a strange and eccentric figure was the inspiration behind Tutu du Monde’s stunning new collection for girls, Meeting Miss Havisham.

The Ultimate Flower Girl Outfits | TuTu Du Monde

The Ultimate Flower Girl Outfits | TuTu Du Monde
The Ultimate Flower Girl Outfits | TuTu Du Monde

The lovechild of international fashion designer Andrea Rembeck, Tutu du Monde was born when Andrea’s daughter asked for a tutu and all that she could find was disposable polyester, mass-produced horrors. Deciding that she could do better, she designed and made her own tutu dress for her thrilled daughter, which garnered attention wherever she went. After numerous requests from friends, Andrea realised that other mums were looking for the same levels of quality and she developed Tutu du Monde.



The brand has since become renowned around the world for its exquisitely made, timeless lines, crafted from soft cotton, fine tulle, pure silk, and hand-sewn sequins, beads, ribbons and feathers. They have the look and feel of beautiful vintage garments without their frail nature. In fact, Tutu du Monde creations only get better with age and wear, with slight fading and fraying edges adding to their charm. They are designed to be worn and played in again and again – there should be no keeping for best with Tutu du Monde!

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Meeting Miss Havisham plays on that faded, vintage, captured-in-time feel. Wrought iron chandeliers lying haphazardly on stripped wooden floorboards, huge doors distressed with peeling paint, armfuls of flowers arranged for a celebration which will never happen, and vast, unexplored rooms full of mystery and magic provides the backdrop to Tutu du Monde’s newest collection.


Flower Girl Outfits | TuTu Du Monde
Flower Girl Outfits | TuTu Du Monde

The Gothic interior serves to illuminate the exquisite tutu dresses and skirts, caplets and shrugs, headbands and hairclips, all harking back to a time of beauty and glamour and evoking carefree fun and whimsical adventure. Sparkling sequins and glimmering beads, soft plumes of feathers and fronds of fine tulle embellish soft cotton tops, skirts and dresses overlaid with wisps of tulle and silk, resulting in stunning items which could have been found languishing in an old trunk in the attic of the once glorious mansion.


The Ultimate Flower Girl Outfits | TuTu Du Monde

Perfect for wearing to parties, weddings, christenings, ballet classes and performances, or just for magical dress-ups, Tutu du Monde’s newest collection is ethically made, ecologically sustainable, and crafted with love and passion. They are childhood outfits to be cherished and, like Miss Havisham’s much-loved wedding dress, worn again and again.

Tutu du Monde is available online at as well as from selected boutiques worldwide.

So there you have it ladies, doesn’t this collection make you wish you were 5 again? Or is that just me… Need more flower girl inspiration? Top flower girl inspirations and ideas…

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    Wow, so pretty, the girls are all beautiful!

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    Such beautiful and cute flower girl dresses!!!

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