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Well hello there… and how are you? Tip top? I do hope so. To say I have been having a difficult week is perhaps an understatement. You may have visited the blog over the last few days to see that it no longer existed. Yes, on Thursday Heart Internet closed my site down [and deleted all the files] for exceeding their bandwidth.

We had been in talks for a week or so and I was in the process of seeing what my options were. All in all I was having a rather mental busy week and missed an important email from them saying as they hadn’t heard from me [it was a couple of days after I said I’d be in contact] they were closing my site down within 24 hours! I, of course missed this vital email and woke up on Thursday to find my site inaccessible. After a bit of dialogue via twitter and email we managed to get my database and other important stuff back and the last few days have been a long and laborious process of re-uploading the 1000’s of images to the new server.

Heart Internet remain adamant that this was my own fault / doing, but I personally feel they didn’t need to be so harsh and didn’t give me adequate notice. I’m mean, for gods sake, I nearly lost 2 years worth of posts, have endured a few days down time, lost my email… and I had been a customer of theirs for a long time. Unforgivable treatment!

Needless to say, some harsh lessons have been learnt, but fingers crossed, onwards and upwards! So please bear with me :))

On another note, I have also been feeling a bit stressed out / sad about the way some people in the industry treat each other. It’s not always blatant but I do think it’s fair to say that there is an undercurrent of jealously and competitiveness. Don’t get me wrong, I have met quite a few bloggers and they have been very lovely and kind. I do however get the impression from a minority that I / my blog / others / other blogs are being judged by their own standards.

I’d like to take a moment to speak openly to bloggers and professionals in the wedding industry and say…

I know it’s hard to keep our emotions in check all the time and especially when you see someone doing better than you. Yes, some blogs / businesses will inevitably be more successful than others and I know how demotivating it can be to work your socks off for years and not quite reach the success of the bigger blogs / businesses. And don’t even get me started on the talented new peeps snapping at our wedding obsessed heels ;)
Please don’t shoot me down in flames here, I just feel, as women, we owe it to each other to be kind and supportive. So when we come across each other at events or exchange words via social media, let’s support each other and celebrate all our successes together.

And remember what our mums taught us… if we can’t say anything nice, best not say anything at all.

And if you’re a lovely bridetobe reading this post, hang tight, wedding prettiness resumes tomorrow. YAY!

image credits are from my ‘words‘ board via pinterest

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  • Susanne Gadegaard

    I do completely agree with what your mom days. I try very hard to teach my son that very sentence! And i do believe that there i quite enough customers and internet to go around. Besides, if customers sees or hears us speakningen badly to oneanother, then they will probably not feel included to come to US for help. So in some ways, i think we shoot ourselves in the foot, by not being polite and proffesional:-) keep up the good work you do;-)
    Susanne, Gadegaard Design

  • Rachel E.

    That utterly utterly sucks! I missed out on a competition I’d won earlier this year because I didn’t respond to the email in time. It required no effort on my part but I was still disappointed. This baby represents a ridiculous amount of your time and dedication and hard work – I’d have been devastated! It’s rubbish that you had to spend your time dealing with all that too instead of sharing lovely weddingy goodness! Glad you’re back up and running. . . this has been my favourite discovery of all in my wedding planning . . . so many of us would be lost with out you! xx (and ps. . . as they say, if people are trying to bring you down. . .it just means you are above them.)

    • Sonia

      Aww thanks for your comment Rachel, you have made my weekend!! Sorry you missed out on that comp and I can’t wait to bring you more weddinggy goodness XxX

  • Marcy|Roses & Lace

    Oh no! What a nightmare week. So glad you’re back on your feet lovely. Enjoy your success and forget about anyone who can’t be happy for you X

    • Sonia

      Haha the only way is up now :)) thanks for leaving a comment XxX

  • Lisa

    What a horrible week you’ve had! Hope it improves quickly :)

    • Sonia

      It’s getting there Lisa :) thanks for your message XxX

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