The Ultimate Bridal Lingerie: Heirloom by Claire Pettibone

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Why hello there my loves, I have the most exquisite bridal lingerie collection to share with you today. This collection will evoke the deepest of emotion in any future bride. Just imagine spending your first married night in one of these beautifully delicate and sensual garments.

Luxurious, romantic, enticing… Claire Pettibone’s Heirloom collection beckons you to languish in a time gone by…

The Ultimate Bridal Lingerie: Heirloom by Claire Pettibone (lascala)

The Ultimate Bridal Lingerie: Heirloom by Claire Pettibone (lascala)
The Ultimate Bridal Lingerie: Heirloom by Claire Pettibone (leighton)
leighton - The Ultimate Bridal Lingerie: Heirloom by Claire Pettiboneaberdeen - The Ultimate Bridal Lingerie: Heirloom by Claire Pettiboneaberdeen - Copy (3) - Copy
aberdeen_waverly - Copy (3) - Copy
bellaire3 - Copy - Copy
cacharel2 - Copy - Copy
cacharel - Copy - Copy
cacharel5 - Copy - Copy
cacharel3 - Copy - Copy
cacharel4 - Copy - Copy
camelot4 - Copy - Copy
camelot3 - Copy - Copy
camelot - Copy - Copy
colette2 - Copy - Copy
colette3 - Copy - Copy
colette4 - Copy - Copy
gabrielle2 - Copy - Copy
gabrielle - Copy - Copy
jardin jardin2

Delectably gorgeous, these beautiful images were captured by none other than Elizabeth Messina, artist, photographer, author.

What do you think of Claire Pettibone’s Heirloom collection my loves? First night delight or one to pack for the honeymoon?

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  • Lucy Greenhill

    so unbelievably beautiful! I want it all :D

  • Kylie

    omg, who wouldn’t feel a million percent glamorous in that floor length lace number?! It’s going on the Christmas “drop hints” list this year ;) x

  • Naz

    Absolutely stunning collection!!!! I’ve been looking around for something extraordinary for that special night, and I’v fallen in love with this line!

    Does anyone have any idea how I could order one of these, or anywhere it is sold in the UK?
    I’ve visited the website, however it seems to be down for maintenance at the moment.


    • Sonia

      Hi Naz, where are you based? I’ll try and find out for you :) XxX

  • TR

    Breath taking! I love the collection so much. I saw this collection last year but couldnt find it online… Could you please let me know where can i find these ones in Australia? Thanks so much

  • Charv

    Where can I purchase?! Having Boudoir photos taken for my groom and this is the most exquisite peice of lingerie i’ve yet come across!

    • Sonia

      Where are you based Charlie? Sonia XxX

  • Lisa

    These are stunning. Does anyone know of a UK stockist?

  • Dar

    I have had some of these photos on my computer for months and have been looking for the source so I can purchase. I am based in British Columbia Canada and am looking for a nearby (can’t make it to LA- Vancouver or Seattle is close) retailer or website I can order online. Thank you in advance.


  • Dar

    Nevermind – A few seconds on google and I found something myself. For everyone else that is interested :

  • bridesmaid dresses

    So gorgeous!

    • Sonia

      unbelievably so :))

  • Sara

    It really doesn’t get prettier than this!

  • Sharon Cooper

    Just breathtaking…

    • Sonia

      Super pretty :))

  • Sydney Bradford

    This is such a gorgeous post! The bridal lingerie is stunning, especially on this model.

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