Fabulous Floral Trends For 2014 | Wedding Ideas

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Fabulous Floral Trends For 2014 | Wedding Ideas

Good evening girls! Do I have a corker of a post for you today!! An invaluable post on fabulous floral trends for 2014. I do love to share my wedding advice and trends posts with you, and it’s really great when that handy advice comes from an industry insider, someone with 100% authority on the subject matter.

So, without further ado, I shall hand you over to the lovely Gwenda Wilkes. A leading wedding floral designer within the industry who is not only known for her talent but also her creative floral flair.

Wedding florals respond to many of the key trends in the wedding industry and this year there are some very exciting ones I just can’t wait to create! So let’s take a look at them:

Pantone’s Colour of the Year is ‘Radiant Orchid’, which is quite convenient for a floral designer! In addition to the obvious flower choice, there are plenty of other blooms that reflect the bluer or pinker, lighter or darker tendencies of this pretty hue – think roses, peonies, tulips, dahlias, anemones and calla lilies.

radiant orchid and purples

radiant orchid - Fabulous Floral Trends For 2014 | Wedding Ideas
Fabulous Floral Trends For 2014 | Wedding Ideas
radiant orchid - Fabulous Floral Trends For 2014 | Wedding Ideas

image credit | purple ombre bouquet: photography by ashley rose photography | purples and pink bouquet: photography by brumley and wells | radiant orchid bouquet: photography by unknown

Using a little or a lot of Radiant Orchid can work in all manners of wedding themes. Blending it with a variety of purples and pinks creates an organic, ombre effect which is perfectly suited to a vintage or rustic theme.

Use just a hint of Radiant Orchid in a more neutral colour palette for a modern take on a classic theme, or go all out for a contemporary colour indulgence.

I love the fact that couples are getting bolder with their colour choices, but it’s also lovely to see that the irrepressible wedding favourite, Blush, continues to prevail.


image credit | wedding colour trends via vponsale

It works so beautifully with Mint (think satin stem wraps, bridesmaids dresses and table linen) and also with Greyed Jade (think succulents and foliage like Eucalyptus and Senecio Maritima (what the American’s call ‘Dusty Miller’).



image credit | blush & mint flower containers: photography by unknown | blush and sage bouquet: photography by half orange photography | blush and dusty millar: photography by we call this love

It’s also great to see that Coral remains a key colour for 2014. It’s a colour that is available in varying intensities, particularly in roses and peonies, all working beautifully with both pale yellow and Greyed Jade.

coral and yellow

 image credit | coral wedding bouquet: photography by unknown

Unstructured, cascading bouquets echo two of the prevailing theme trends for 2014. Firstly, they mirror the bouquets of the 1920s Gatsby era and secondly, they reflect eco-friendly trends towards organic, locally-sourced products.

The look revels in asymmetry and a much-welcome return to the use of an abundance of foliage.

unstructured wedding bouquet
cascading bouquet

image credit | loose flower bouquet: photography by jose villa | asymmetrical flower bouquet: photography by | trailing foliage bouquet: photography by arielle photo

Metallics, especially gold, make a strong appearance this year.

In addition to the more obvious use of gilded containers, expect to see plenty of gilded and glittered flowers and foliage, with sequined and glittered stem wraps for bouquets.

metallic tie of wedding bouquet
gold bouquet tie
gold sprayed leaves in bouquet

image credit | gold sequin ribbons flower bouquet: photography by taylor lord photography | gold wrapper bouquet: photography by kristina curtis photography | gold foliage bouquet: photography by lauren kriedman

Short wedding dresses are proving popular too for brides of 2014, especially those that channel the vintage 50s and 60s originals.

Bouquet styles that work best with these short dresses are posies (in both compact domes and looser forms) and tear-drop arrangements (so long as the trailing flowers and foliage do not fall below the hem of the dress).

small posies
trailing posy

image credit | posy flower bouquet: photography by david newkirk | loose posy flower bouquet: photography by michaela egger | trailing posy bouquet: photography by love life studios

Statement floral displays using dramatic colours and /or scale, follow the trend for over-sized props and theatrical locations this year.

seating plan floral display

image credit | floral statement table plan: photography by unknown

There’s a way of creating something to suit every kind of wedding venue and every conceivable theme, be it freestanding, against a wall, on the ceiling, or on the floor!

Fabulous Floral Trends For 2014 | Wedding Ideas

image credit | floral statement ceremony: photography by unknown

Make a grand entrance or frame the ceremony. Create a focal point in the reception, either around the table plan or use to disguise an awkward feature, like a marquee pole, perhaps.

Statement Floral Display

image credit | floral statement fireplace: photography by julie soefer

Conversely, you might wish to highlight a feature, both natural or architectural like this beautiful fireplace above.

So, indoors or outdoors, from the structured to the wild in appearance, do you dare to go big with your wedding florals?

And speaking of daring, if there is a bride out there who wants to rock a bouquet like this, if so, I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU, pretty please!

dramatic cascading bouquet

image credit | floral statement cascading bouquet: photography by catherine mac

So you all heard her ladies. If you are a fearless kind of lass who doesn’t shy away from making a gorgeous statement, then Fearless Florals is the wedding florist for you!

Thank you so much for a wonderful florals trend for 2014 post Gwenda! It’s always great to get the experts opinion.

So what wedding flower trends have caught your beady eye? I’m definitely loving all the gorgeous wedding bouquets around at the mo. Particularly, the over-sized wedding bouquets. Talk about making a grand and gorgeous statement…

Fabulous Floral Trends For 2014 | Wedding Ideas

Fabulous Floral Trends For 2014 | Wedding Ideas - oversized wedding bouquets
Fabulous Floral Trends For 2014 | Wedding Ideas

image credit | oversized wedding bouquet: photography by elizabeth messina | oversized wedding bouquet: photography by imaginale design | floral statement oversized wedding bouquet: photography by nessa k photography

And another addition to floral bouquets I’m rather fond of is… the ever-so pretty trailing foliage bouquets. Ahhh. Sweet.

Fabulous Floral Trends For 2014 | Wedding Ideas
Fabulous Floral Trends For 2014 | Wedding Ideas

image credit | pretty foliage bouquet: photography by michelle march | abundant foliage wedding bouquet: photography by ee photography

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    Fabulous – especially those purples at the top of the page! Dried flowers are also gaining in popularity, especially for vintage themes.

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      I know, it’s a tough choice!! XxX

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    Wow! it’s a great inspiration for me. Some bouquets look really stunning!!! thanks for sharing!!!

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    What kind of feathers are used in the cascading bouquet? I have a bride that loves your bouquet and I want to purchase these feathers! Help! -it’s stunning and I’m frustrated with endless searching.

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